The last thing you want to do is jump a red light and then live to witness the consequences. You will be slapped with a fine, your car insurer will believe that you have engaged in risky behavior and increase premium. This is not all, you will receive extra points in your license too. Punishments for traffic rule violations can be harsh, even in conditions where you don’t put your or someone else’s life in jeopardy. So, what could be done to overcome this small but annoying challenge? Just talk to a red light ticket attorney.

Save your pocket and your license

As soon as you get a ticket for jumping the red light, call a traffic lawyer. However, you have two other options. If you don’t want any unnecessary headaches and are comfortable with paying a higher insurance premium, go ahead and pay the fine. This won’t make a difference to your life right now, but you will definitely be disappointed to see increased points on the license and a higher insurance premium later.

The second option is to contest the case yourself. While this sounds like a great idea, it is not. You are not an attorney. Therefore, you don’t understand traffic laws like a real traffic attorney. You may not know the processes and procedures of a traffic court. Additionally, you may be unaware of which evidence to present to the court.

Your novice and ill-informed attempt to get rid of the red-light ticket will cause more headache than you thought. Be smart, just visit You can find a traffic lawyer in your local area who understands the law perfectly. He can arrange for everything- right from eyewitness accounts to camera footage sooner and more easily than you. It may not take a seasoned attorney more than a day to prepare your case, file it in court and ask for a reduced or modified penalty. With the right evidence by his side, the lawyer could even cancel the fine altogether.

In this scenario, you leave everything to the experts. Your job would be to narrate the incident, show the ticket and let the experts do their work. That’s it. You will not just fight the ticket but most likely win the case without moving a limb.

Don’t worry about the fees. For attorneys from the likes of John Halfacre, LLC ( or similar law firms, traffic laws are simple and easy to navigate around. They take less time to process and file these cases. This makes them very affordable as well. After all, you are only paying a small percentage of the increased premiums that you would have paid otherwise. It is a win-win situation for you.

Don’t miss out on your work and personal life just because you have a red-light ticket to contest. Hire the right person for this job and see how your woes are gone by this weekend. Remember, as a citizen, you have the right to contest against any penalties the authority has given. They don’t always have to be right.