In order to arrange the ideal girls’ weekend, there’ll be plenty of factors to take into consideration. You must consider the expense of the trip, everybody’s individual interests and needs, and the best location for everybody to meet up. You’re now probably thinking that organising such a trip isn’t going to be as easy as you thought!

It can be, though, if you take on the following pieces of advice.

  • Find out what everybody needs

You should give precedence to your girls’ needs rather than their wants if you want to arrange an ideal weekend away for them. By favouring their needs, your girls will be far more likely to get what it is they need from their break from reality.

If everybody has been too busy to get together because of work commitments, for instance, then this may mean that your girls need an unplugged vacation where they can all let their hair down a bit. Or, if family responsibilities have got your friends stressed, then a spa weekend could very be on the cards. The point is, judge the needs of your girls and then arrange your trip’s plan and itinerary accordingly.

  • Keep the price down as best you can

You and your girls may be lifetime friends, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to share every last detail about your personal lives with one another. For this reason, unless you are explicitly told otherwise, you’re never truly going to know their financial commitments for the trip, as that is a topic even the best of friends may not even delve into.

To avoid making anybody feel financially uncomfortable or embarrassed, you should seek to keep the cost of the weekend down as much as you can. In this instance, a good course of action to take is to try and unearth the best deals – you can find London cheap theatre tickets at Encore Tickets, for example, which would mean you and your friends would be able to enjoy a day on the West End without having to pay over the odds to do so.

You could also go to places that perhaps don’t charge you a fee for just hanging out. That way, you’ll only be paying for the travel and the food. If your girls don’t mind it, then camping can be a really great experience. But if you want something a bit more leisurely, then perhaps a visit to Hereward Farms ( or a similar place that is full of flowery fields could be wonderful. You and the girls can go picking, enjoy nature, watch the sunset together and plan any other activities that might be available around.

  • Don’t bombard everybody with options

As good as it is to have some options when planning a getaway with your pals, too many will cause you, the organiser, too much stress and it may even bring tension to the group. You’re all friends, but you’re also all individuals, which means everybody will have a different idea about what constitutes as the being ‘the perfect girls weekend.’ For this reason, you should keep the options down to a minimum – still offer choice so that it doesn’t look like you’ve organised everything, but don’t offer too much.

The men in your life might be able to just up and leave on the weekend as see where the mood takes them, but you and your girls, quite rightly, want to organise and arrange every last detail. When it comes to doing just that, make sure to remember all the advice that you’ve come across above.