Last year’s broadband deals quickly become this year’s burdens. Once your promotional contract runs out and any initial deals end, the cost of your broadband increases significantly and you are left paying for a service that may no longer be worth it. The average person ends up paying as much as 20% extra for their broadband once any initial deals expire. You deserve better and you can have it too. You do not necessarily have to switch your provider to find a cheaper deal either. Also, you should be able to get more without spending extra. Some providers offer superfast broadband from as little as £20. These offer minimum speeds faster than some standard broadband packages with lower monthly payments too. If you are not happy with your current plan, then you should shop around and see what other providers like BT, Plusnet, Virgin Media and Sky have to offer. You can even find them all neatly arranged for you on third-party comparison sites like Broaband Choices

Switch to Save

Most people are not aware of when their initial broadband contract ends and what the charges are when the new one begins. Most contracts automatically switch to rolling over automatically month to month without ever informing you. The only time you are explicitly told all of this information is when the contract begins so take a note and set a reminder on your computer or marks the date on your calendar so you know when to switch. New customers get the best deals and the highest minimum speeds. If you are with BT or any other provider and you want to find the best cheap deals, it may be worth threatening to switch to Sky or Virgin Media and see what they offer you to stay. Before trying, do your research on a comparison site like and see what you can reasonably expect for your money is you were a new customer. Do not be afraid to actually switch providers. If you are moving to someone you have never used before like Plusnet then dealing with new equipment and getting rid of the old stuff can seem like a daunting task. Still, it is only a few days worth of bother versus months of savings plus all the extra incentives like special cashback deals or TV packages. With a little effort, you can save over £20 per month which adds up to between £200 – £300 a year. Not only are you saving money on a monthly basis but you’re getting more for your money with better packages that come with more add-ons and faster Internet speeds. This is true whether you barter with your existing provider or go to someone new. Also, if you bought your original package during a holiday like Black Friday, it will be due to expire at the same time of the year. This means that you are perfectly positioned to take advantage of all the special holiday deals providers like to offer. If your package is expiring a month or two before a holiday or before the end of a quarter, consider holding out until the deals come along. Use one of the comparison websites to keep an eye on things as they will tell you whenever savings are on the horizon.