Herbalife Nutrition creates products that help people with their journey to better health, and independent distributors sell them. Millions of customers worldwide have enjoyed these products for the past 40 years, and they buy from those distributors. The products have a reputation for being high-quality, and for good reason. Herbalife has scientists who carefully craft the products to be a part of a healthy lifestyle. For many people, the quality of the products and their effectiveness lead them to start their businesses selling these products.

A Flexible Business

Many people have small businesses that sell Herbalife nutritional supplements.  Some sell Herbalife products part-time, while others run their own full-time business. Herbalife lends a lot of support to its distributors, continuously educating them about new developments in the science of nutrition. Herbalife distributors are a part of their community, and they can share their nutrition information with others to help them live healthier lives. And, it can all be done on your own schedule.

Direct Sales

Herbalife is one of the top direct sales companies in the world with distributors in 95 markets around the globe. Herbalife independent distributors earn income by selling the products directly to their customers. The distributors purchase products from Herbalife with a distributor’s discount, and then they sell those products to their customers at retail price.

Herbalife Nutrition Club

Some choose to own and operate a Herbalife Nutrition Club. This is a community-based club that gets people together to live healthier lifestyles and use Herbalife products. Many distributors form these clubs to help the community live healthier and sell them Herbalife products to help this goal along. Many of these clubs also prioritize exercise for better fitness. Many Herbalife Nutrition Clubs organize regular walks and other activities for members.

These clubs often offer members Herbalife shakes while they’re headed to work or home. The clubs started 20 years ago in Mexico and sold Herbalife by the shake. This idea began to spread, and the clubs became an important part of the community. Distributors are kept up to date with nutrition science so that they can help the members to get healthier. The club works together to make positive changes in their lives for better health and well-being. Many members find inspiration in these clubs, and many love the social aspect of them. Distributors have started these clubs all over the U.S. from coast to coast. They allow members to try the latest Herbalife products, make friends, and get information about the products they use.

Integrating a Health Business With Herbalife

Another way entrepreneurs run their Herbalife businesses is to integrate the products into a health business they already have. Distributors who already own a fitness center like a gym or dance studio, a hair salon, a skincare business, a sporting goods store, or a massage business can add Herbalife shakes and other products to their offerings. In these businesses, most people are concerned about their health and want to take good care of themselves. It’s the perfect place to introduce customers to the high-quality shakes that Herbalife Offers.

Distributors can run their Herbalife business at the same time as their other business. Herbalife small businesses benefit from the discount on the products as well as their reputation.