Children possess a kind of honest and natural wisdom. They can feel if you are dishonest with them and they won’t like you if you patronize them. So, when you want to decorate your kids’ room(s), you should always ask them to join you in doing that. Otherwise, they will be unhappy because they haven’t been consulted. And what could be more symbolic than enriching those rooms with animal patterns?

Wall Patterns

Here we are talking about kids that are not toddlers anymore, but preschoolers, who already have a sense of what is nice and what they like. Due to that, when you want to decorate their walls, you should take them with you when you go shopping. They could choose from a variety of colors or wallpapers. Also, the walls can be embellished with different cartoon characters or animals. Except from being visually attractive, the kids will learn that animals have to be treated with respect.


Gender-neutral motifs

The great thing about putting owl-related patterns as the main ones in the children’s room(s) is that those animals are seen as gender-neutral. That way both boys and girls can identify with the wisdom and cuteness that owls represent. Such a choice could have a great didactic value in teaching your kids about gender equality from the early age. Sweet owls are also a symbol of patience and calmness and you could use that argument to teach your children how to relax and stay cool. They like identifying with animals, especially the ones they prefer.

Pillows with owls

Every room needs a pillow or two. You could suggest your kid to buy pillow cases with interesting owl patterns. They can come in different colors and sizes, like any other pillow items. Also, you could make them on your own. Although owls are known for their nocturnal character, don’t allow your children to stay awake all night long and observe their owls. What you can do is prepare little performances, where the kids could act out with the help of their owls form the pillows and do that instead of reading a bed time story.

Floor Preferences

The floor in the kids’ room has to be adapted to their needs and age. Since many children today have some sort of allergy, you should avoid thick and large carpets, since they can hide layers of dust or microorganisms, which can cause problems with allergies and breathing. Instead of them, a kids’ rug with owl ornaments could be the right choice for the children’s room floor. Beside that, smaller pieces are more easily washed and dried.


Custom-Made Clothes

Although they might be only five years old, children already understand many things. Their level of maturity is visible when they choose clothes. If you allow them to develop freely, they will already have their own taste in picking clothing items. So, you could take them to have something printed on their T-shirts. Even better, you could create an owl from their own imagination in Photoshop and have it printed on their pajamas or regular T-shirts. The same goes for other visual motifs your kid might like.

By decorating your children’s room, you are creating their special place. Try to make it a calm and cozy place with the help of your kids and different owl-including ideas.