When you are taking your toddlers to school for the very first time, there are a few things you have to do to assist your toddler to easily transition to school. The child will require some ample time for them to adjust to the new environment even if they have been very excited concerning such change.

Here are 5 tips which can be helpful to toddlers to easily transition to school:

Visit the school as many times as possible. Your child will be much comfortable if the sounds, surroundings, and staffs are already familiar to them. In today’s environment, one may not recognize what our instincts are speaking us. Always keep in mind that toddlers have a strong instinct so they may require your help in being familiar or comfortable in a new environment. Bring them to the School Of Early Learning as frequently as you can so they can be familiar with the place and the staff.


Once your child has established familiarity with the environment, start to talk to them about the schedule. Follow a schedule as very closely as possible even at home. Make sure to remind your toddler of what is coming next and at what time. You can use visual aids in case your toddler has the trouble in transitioning between the activities. Having feeding and nap times at school will keep the toddler from becoming too tired in dealing with new activities or too hungry in caring on what the class at that time is doing.

Talk about the school in the positive light but do not over-do it and inflate the expectations. The last thing you need is for your child to expect high. They might think that they will just be playing at school all the time. Prepare them for school by reading books in a designated area in their room. Whisper to them when you are working on puzzles and when you draw. The toddler will be involved into a habit of mimicking of your behavior without having to explain to them the rules.

Do not use school like a threat. Many parents make a very big mistake of saying things which are like, “You will not be allowed to do that when you are at school” or “You would better not do it in the school as you will embarrass me!” These statements do put the unrealistic expectations on the toddler. You can’t expect that they will not break school rules or they will not test the boundaries of their teachers.

Finally, boost the toddler’s self-esteem as much as possible. Helping your child to boost their self-esteem will serve them very well and assist them to transition to school. You can do this by teaching them how to do new chores now and tell them that they’re already big enough to do it too. Teach them simple things like hanging their own clothes on their own closet or by putting away the toys they used before you start with the bedtime story can help them feel a lot more responsible and important.

All these things will assist the toddler transition much easily into the new school.