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All children have unique gifts and talents, and it’s nice for them to find their own way to shine. Every child is individual, and they all learn, grow, and develop in different ways. When kids have hobbies of their own, they feel a sense of accomplishment and it helps to develop them as person – it’s so beneficial! Hobbies they find as children can actually shape them into the adults they’re going to become. I used to love writing poems and stories as a child, and here I am writing this post…I’ve always loved to write! Rather than just allowing your child to watch TV or play on their games console all day, helping them to find something they really love to do that develops them as a person is one of the best things you can do for them. You can always encourage your child to share your hobbies and get involved with them if they like, but it’s even healthier to encourage them to develop their own hobbies.

If you notice something that your child seems to be particularly good at, you should praise and encourage them to continue pursuing it. This is a great way to help them develop a passion for something. For example, if your child has been showing a growing interest in technology like coding, then you could consider enrolling them in platforms similar to NovoJolt, which seems to be offering free coding courses for kids. Additionally, you could also show them some of the coding videos or tutorials that are available online to help them grasp the concept properly. But you have to remember not to force them into it or any other activity if they don’t want to learn it.

If your child seems to be a bit eclectic or doesn’t know what they want to do with their spare time, let your children try all kinds of activities until something finally sticks. This will allow your child to see what they like, give them many different experiences and realise what they’re good at. They may even just like collecting items of a certain genre or theme and building up big collections of things like tiger tank models, pokemon cards, and pogs.

If your child happens to excel at a particular sport or at playing a musical instrument, make sure you encourage it but also make sure they’re exposed to other activities and different children. It’s important that they spend lots of time playing and just being a kid too, so they’re not always on their own with their hobby. However, you should never overschedule your child, and never bombard them with a million different activities because this can have negative results.

Although you should always praise your child for hard work, try not to label them as smart or talented too much. This can make them feel different to their peers, and possibly alienate them. Praising them for their hard work instead will give them a much better mind set, and they’ll be all the more willing to take on new challenges as they grow.

Although it’s healthy for your child to have their own hobbies, you can also encourage them to see if they like yours, as mentioned before. For example, you could take them vintage clothes shopping/antique buying with you, or even get them to help you bake a cake. Allow them to ask all kinds of questions and answer them as best you can, in a way they’ll understand. Make sure you keep the sessions short and they won’t lose interest!