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If you really want to treat your husband like a king this summer, cooking him some hearty meals full of protein and energy will surely put a smile on his face. Just look at the gentleman in the photograph I’ve included in this article, he’s in his element! Considering this, today I’m going to point out a few different ideas you might like to think about the next time you plan on spending a few hours in the kitchen. A large quantity of men have manual jobs, and so they need the best food possible to get through the day. Hopefully, you’ll agree the dishes I’ve listed would fit the bill.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m certainly no culinary expert, and there are many other meal ideas out there that will work just as well, but in my own experience, you simply can’t go wrong with the suggestions in this post. So, without taking up any more of your time with long introductions, here they are…

Beef Casserole

Everyone loves a well made beef casserole. It’s just one of those dishes you can’t resist when it’s on your plate. So, ensure you spend some time looking at recipes online and cook it for your man at least once or twice during the summer. Also, make sure you get your homemade mash perfected, as nothing compliments a casserole like it!

Steak And Chips

It might seem like a boring pub meal, but if you can get some decent steak from your local butchers and cook your very own chunky chips, your man will be blown away. Obviously, cooking steak isn’t the easiest thing in the world, and you’ll need to find out exactly how burnt he likes it, but you’ll suss it out within a couple of attempts. On top of this, if you grow your own tomatoes, it might be worth harvesting some for a slightly spicy sauce to warm the meal up a bit.

Chicken Curry

Okay, so, most people probably wouldn’t describe this meal as hearty, but if you get hold of some Chinese sauce (or even better, made your own), a chicken curry could be exactly what your man needs to fill his stomach after a long day at work. You’ll have trouble getting it to taste like it’s from your local takeaway, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as your own version will be far healthier.

BBQ Pulled Pork

There are many different ways of making BBQ pulled pork, and which you choose with depend upon the tools you have available, and your own personal preferences. I like to smoke mine for 18 hours over hickory in my outdoor smoker, but you don’t have to do this. For whatever reason, pulled pork is only just hitting mainstream UK diners, but it’s been a staple for hard working guys in the US for a long time. So, give it a try!

Hopefully, you now have some great ideas about what you’re going to cook in the evenings during the summertime this year. Do feel free to let me know if you have anything you’d like to add. Perhaps your man likes something I’ve missed out?

Catch you soon!