My name is Ella West and I love kids’ films. And I’m not ashamed to admit it, he he!

I’ve always loved Disney – but who doesn’t?! But now the market seems to have really boomed, and there have been some absolutely cracking kids’ films released in the last couple of years. It seems the bar has been well and truly raised of late with greats such as Shrek, Up, Despicable Me, The Croods and Frozen.

I think film nights with kids can be so much fun. With my lads I like to draw the curtains, drag the sofa nearer the TV, make some real popcorn with them and make it like a cinema experience.

Call me a cheap-skate but they love it and it saves me forking out a fortune. Everyone’s a winner.



I’d ordered Mr Peabody and Sherman following a friend’s recommendation as her boys, of similar ages to mine, adore it. I even managed to bag myself a bit of a bargain getting it from Cash Generator, and you know me – I’m always happiest when I know I’ve saved a few pennies!

And now it’s become one of my favourite kids’ films.

The film uses the characters of Mr Peabody, a talking, brainiac dog and his adopted “son” Sherman from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show series of the 1960s – way before my time, I hasten to add! Without spoiling the film for you, Mr Peabody builds a time machine which, as you can imagine, ends up causing problems for them!  Besides the time-travelling adventure and the historical events featured colourfully, the film also touches on themes of bullying, judgement and adoption, containing the moral message of not judging someone until you’ve got to know them, and so ticking the moral-enrichment box as well as the entertainment one.

There are loads of reasons why I was mega-happy with my choice of film, and why I’ve chosen to write a review of it for you all.

Firstly, my boys LOVED it, and anything that makes them happy (and quiet!) is held in the highest esteem by me.

Secondly, the characters in the film are quirky and wholly likeable. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like a talking dog? OK, the plot may be wacky and a little weak in places, but the film definitely deserves to be recognised as being a great option for some family fun on a rainy day.

Leonardo Da Vinci has been reborn into the world of animation!

Leonardo Da Vinci has been reborn into the world of animation!

Thirdly, I like the film because it’s actually sparked a little interest  in history within my boys. They’ve asked tonnes of questions since watching it, mainly about Leonardo Da Vinci (who I know quite a bit about) and King Tut (who I know virtually nothing about), so it’s given me opportunity for a trip to the library to pick up a few kids’ books on some of the interesting historic characters featured in the film.

Oh, the horror of having a teacher for a parent! Always on the lookout for opportunities for educational enrichment.

Don’t pity them.