Are you planning a day out with all the family this summer? Are you stuck for ideas for new places to take the kids? Why not take a trip to Folly Farm in Pembrokeshire, West Wales? You can enjoy a fun day out with the kids, surrounded by animals – there are over 250 to choose from!

Just like with Haribo: “kids and grown-ups love it so” – the same is true for this adventure park and zoo; a day spent here is not just a fun day out for the kids, but for you too.

So what animals can you look forward to meeting at this action-packed adventure park? Read on to find out about the many exotic species and farmyard friends you’ll encounter.

Beautiful Birds

Go and visit the spectacular aviaries, home to an abundance of striking birds including: owls, parrots and kookaburras.
And don’t forget the long-legged storks; these large birds are responsible for delivering baby elephants in Walt Disney’s much loved film, Dumbo.

Relate each bird to something your child will recognise and they’ll be sure to remember their new feathered friends.

Awesome Reptiles

Whilst some children love fussing over the fluffy rabbits and other furry favourites, others will be impressed by the not-so-cute but very appealing reptiles. That’s right: at Folly Farm you and the children will have the privilege of meeting some scaly-skinned creatures at the reptilian centre. From bearded dragons to Burmese pythons, time spent with these cold-blooded animals will create many memorable moments.

Farmyard Fun

Over at theJolly Barn, Folly’s answer to finding four-legged favourites, you’ll discover some animals that are a lot closer to home. So if reptiles don’t take your child’s fancy, that’s where you want to head.

Meet the friendly chickens, donkeys, horses, pigs and sheep, and fall in love with the new arrivals. At Folly Farm, dozens of baby animals are born. Your kids will be cooing over piglets and chicks as well as other adorable offspring.  Why not take a wander over to Cwtch Corner for a welsh cuddle with some truly cute critters?

Endangered Animals

This outstanding zoo has over 50 species for you to come and say hello to. You’ll find camels, giraffes, lemurs, and many other animals at Folly Farm – even lions are making an appearance just in time for the summer holidays.

Fancy making your child’s summer extra special? Treat them to a Zoo Keeper Experience: an opportunity that entails meeting either giraffes or penguins, preparing their food, and feeding them first-hand! How exciting is that?

So will you be heading to Folly Farm this summer? Which of the animals will you and the kids be looking forward to most?

Author’s Bio: If you’re looking to plan an enjoyable day out for the whole family this summer, look no further than Folly Farm. This Welsh zoo provides the perfect opportunity for children to learn whilst also relishing the outdoors. Visit the website to buy tickets and to find out more about this adventure park.