The British weather might not give it away, but the summer holidays are fast approaching! Every drop of the rare sunshine needs to be made the most of, but entertaining the kids during this time of the year can be pricey.
Beat the ‘schools out’ pocket pinch by holding activities in your own back garden. Family sports days or tournaments are a great way to keep your children active and soak up the precious summer sunrays. You could go head-to-head and recreate Wimbledon over your washing line, or team up and revel in some family rivalry.

Our favourite idea would be to make a full day of fun by hosting you own sports day. What once may have been a dreaded school outing could turn into an afternoon to remember and perhaps even a great summer tradition.

Events would depend on how many family members are available to take part on the day, but you don’t need a full troupe of people to take part in classics such as the egg and spoon race, sack race or sprint. Bigger families do however have the luxury of adding relay teams and wheel barrow races to their agenda.

You could also hold your own mini athletics session. Evoke the Olympic passion of yesteryear by holding events such as the long jump, frisbee discus or potato shot put.

Your children will be used to regular breaks outside during the school day, but you might find the outdoors somewhat of a novelty. A recent infographic from HFE shows us that adults spend 90% of their times indoors, which is quite a bleak statistic.

HFEInfographic (2)
Although it can be tempting to turn into couch potatoes over the summer holidays, it’s vital that you and your children keep active. Not only will you see physical benefits, but exercising outdoors also boost your mood and improves your mental health. This handy infographic shows you more great benefits of getting outdoors this summer.