It can be rare for anyone to get the required 8 hours of sleep. When you finally get to bed, how can you ensure that it is going to be amazing? Sleep is so important; it is the fuel that makes your entire body work. If you lack sleep, you are going to be lacking throughout the day. Your energy depends on rest and optimizing your sleep depends on different buckets. There are ways that you can make sure to make the most of the sleep that you are getting and it all starts with being prepared.

You’ve got to be prepared

Preparation is the very first step to building great habits. This will help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep a lot longer and you will become more comfortable in your bed and while you rest. So how do you prepare? Some things you can do is create a sleep schedule, set the temperature to an optimum, and de-stress yourself before bed. For de-stressing, you can meditate for some time or can even try some cannabis, which can be sourced from MUV marijuana dispensary. Choose anything that works for you.

Exercise regularly

One misinterpretation that people have when it comes to exercise is that the goal is to exhaust yourself so that you can just fall instantly asleep. That is not the case! In fact, you should exercise either in the morning or the afternoon precisely so that you can fall asleep a lot faster and with less trouble. If you exercise right before bed, it will have the exact opposite effect, as your body will be hyper. You need that wind-down time!

Ditch the alcohol and cigarettes

There have been a lot of studies done connecting alcohol and cigarettes with sleeping problems. You might agree that drinking a few cocktails can be relaxing and help get you to sleep, however, the problem comes into play when you finally get to sleep. The sleep itself can be choppy, and utterly restless and you will wake up a lot more frequently. Your REM sleep occurs at stages three and four, and that is where drinking can come into play and disrupt your sleep, as it has been known to lengthen phase two of sleep. Cigarettes can also keep you awake and make it hard for you to fall asleep. Keep that in mind the next time you drink or light up!

Set a kind, gentle alarm clock

If you are currently waking up to a dinging, aggressive alarm clock, that can disturb your sleep. There are tons of different alarm clock apps out there, try something new, fresh, and something that will wake you up easier. You could also try a wake-up light that slowly raises the light level in the room, that way you can wake up more naturally.

Cut out the screen time

This has got to be the number one problem people have when it comes to falling asleep and staying asleep; they have a hard time cutting back on their screen time. There have been studies done to link electronic devices and the harm that they do to our sleep cycle. If you shut off your computer, tablet, and TV just a few hours before you go to bed, you’ll sleep deeper and longer and wake up refreshed. How does that sound?

Get on an evening ritual

What you do before you hit the hay is important. If you are snacking and drinking a lot before bed, that can make you feel restless and can lead you to go to the bathroom more frequently. Start off right with a healthy evening routine and wind down before you start heading to bed. To facilitate a faster transition into sleep, you can incorporate certain edible thc products, such as gummies or chocolates, into your evening routine. Just pop one or two right before heading to bed, and you will be good to go.

Meditate before bedtime

There are so many different sleep-oriented meditation methods out there that this can easily be incorporated into your evening routine. Try to visualize a dream that you want to have while sleeping, keep your breathing under control, and let yourself drift away and off. Meditating before bed can not only help you fall asleep, but it’ll help you get to that REM sleep quicker!

Once all of your sleeping issues are all cured, you’ll be able to feel rested, restored, and completely refreshed. It’s amazing what a great night’s sleep can do for your productivity at work too. Try it; we promise that you’ll feel so much better and healthier!