It’s easy to look back on your own childhood with rose tinted glasses, I’ve spoken to many friends those who have children and those that don’t and many comment on how they are glad they grew up in the era they did rather than now. I’m in two minds myself, there are a lot of things from my own childhood I would rather have been different but at the same time parts that were magical that I feel my own children now don’t get to experience. Also there are many benefits now for children growing up now, with technological advances but also con’s to these.

Looking at how children are growing up now, compared to their parents online voucher code retailer My Voucher Codes, surveyed parents to find out whether parents believe their upbringing was better than their children’s. Their article which you can read here, stated that 32% of parents said they feel that their children have too much of a reliance on technology and that’s a big concern. With 46% hoping that their children could have enjoyed the same upbringing to the one they themselves had. However it’s not all bad, 54% felt that the extra income from both parents working allowed their kids to enjoy more luxuries than they had themselves, making up for other area’s which may not be as idealist as their own childhood.

I feel technology has brought many advantages to my children, mainly through learning but as they get older I understand there will be issues I will have to navigate with my children with technology such as social media, bullying and inappropriate content. I do however limit time my children spend n technology, it might make them grumpy but does allow them to go outside or do something else instead of crouched over a little screen.

One thing I thing many parents can relate to from this research is that children have higher expectations than they did at the same age. 42% felt that this was the case, but I think parents may have made a rod for their own backs with this, just looking back at with both parents working families could afford more luxuries, maybe children have just got accustomed to this. I am guilty of giving into my children sometimes just for a bit of peace, but by no means do I give into every whim and also make sure they understand the value of what they have.

Just because generations are changing it doesn’t mean you children can’t enjoy the nice things you did growing up and also benefit from the good points growing up now, for me and a lot of parents it’s just about finding the right balance.