Nowadays getting a beautiful, personal birthday gift for a friend or a relative can be quite hard, particularly in our ‘instant’ age of online purchases, home deliveries and ‘wishlists’ on websites. Many people will find that gift giving is becoming harder as people are more likely to just buy stuff they like or want as opposed to asking for it for a birthday or Christmas. Add to the fact that obtaining a loan or a credit card is easy as pie nowadays and you have a pretty bad formula for those looking at getting their friends a heartfelt gift.

However all is not lost! You’ll just need to think outside the box a little. You can always combine forces with other friends or relatives to give your friend a good present from the lot of you, or brainstorm ideas and work together to make sure each of you gets something unique and individual. We’ve thought of five funny and thoughtful gifts that might make good presents to give, and the best part is they’re not often thought of!


1. An Experience to Remember – Hot Air Balloon, Skydiving Etc

Sometimes a personal experience is better than any physical gift. Does your friend have something they’ve always wanted to try out but never gotten around to it? Never had the guts? Now is your chance to shine! If you include yourself in the experience, this is a good way of you spending more time together and if your friend has any worries about the experience you remind them that you are also there so you’ll get through it together. Whether it is deep sea diving or going up in a hot air balloon, what’s life without thrills?

2. Scrap Book/Memory Book

This is an old classic. Maybe you could fill it with your times together from when you first met. Maybe you could fill it with holiday locations and shows and events; places you would like to visit together. A few funny quotes from your friendship groups, ticket stubs, and things like that are great to keep and share around. Make sure you leave some space at the end so that your friend can make their own addition to the book!

3. Hire a Stripper!

Okay it’s not as bad as it sounds. There are a number of hilarious companies online who provide Buff Butlers and Beer Wenches for Hen Parties and Stag Dos, they provide impeccable service and are a great source of entertainment for the evening. These waiters and waitresses are professionally trained and very good at what they do, available for hire just for a bit of clean fun. Some provide dinner shows, including cocktail master classes and more.


4. A Small Token of a Shared Memory or Funny Experience

Everyone has those experiences where you are literally crying with laughter, or you can’t breathe. Normally it is something super random, or an event where someone happened to say the wrong thing at the wrong time (in a comical sense) and you’ll get the whole party rolling around. Shared memories are great gifts to give, so by giving a way to constantly remember that event, you are also showing your friend how much that single memory means to you.

5. Something Creative

This can be as big or as small as you want. Naming a star after your friend? Big! Making your own personalised matching jewellery for you and your friend? Small but very meaningful. Sometimes the smaller, heartfelt gifts are those that stick in your mind so don’t be afraid to be personal, but thing a lot about what you are giving.

Of course if you’re not particularly imaginative or you’re not quite sure what your friend is passionate about, this can make it a tad more difficult. However if you enlist the help of friends and relatives, even your own, you are sure to come up with something stellar! Good luck and have fun!

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