Unless you’ve personally negotiated a contract from mars, which naturally would have come with equally out-of-this-world costs, your medical insurance likely doesn’t cover those medical procedures considered to take more of a cosmetic enhancement form that purely being a medical procedure. In fact, some pretty serious medical issues proper aren’t covered by the standard medical insurance coverage, but what happens when you do need to have such a procedure done, whether it’s a serious medical issue you need addressed or if something like a hair transplant has become just as serious of a need? By this time, since the need is presenting itself right now, it’s probably too late to start thinking about incorporating it into your regular medical insurance plan anyway, even if you’d be willing to pay the associated premiums.

Funding medical and cosmetic procedures not ordinarily covered by your health insurance, such as getting a hair transplant if needs be, is not completely out of the reach of the average person. In fact that branch of the specialised medical industry is particularly targeting the average person with the view of offering procedures such as a hair transplant beyond a small circle of wealthier individuals such as your Wayne Rooney’s, etc. Naturally, since it is indeed a highly customised treatment, the cost associated with a hair transplant are a little bit beyond what would be considered everyday costs, but a hair transplant is certainly more affordable than you might think, especially if you consider all the funding and payment options at your disposal.

In-house finance

Harley Street Hair Clinic is a specialist hair loss clinic which offers financing for hair transplant treatment. This is a great way to finance your hair transplant treatment in what would undoubtedly be one of the more affordable and practical options, particularly when one considers that it’s finance arranged by the establishment which offers the treatment itself. It’s interest-free as well, so definitely worth checking out and giving it a pop if your case of hair loss suggests that you do indeed need a hair transplant. Breaking the payment up into 12 payments over 12 months certainly makes it more affordable than it would otherwise be if you had to pay for it once off.

A regular bank loan

If you’re in a credit-worthy position which qualifies you for a bank loan, going the direct burrowing route may be a great option for financing anything really, including a hair transplant treatment. In the same way that a regular loan gives you the option of not having to deal with specific repayment structures such as balloon payments (in the case of getting vehicle finance), you won’t have to deal with the often complicated “value added financial service” fees otherwise associated with getting financed for medical procedures. On the other hand something like medical insurance cover may offer benefits such as complementary membership at your local gym, but none of that will come in handy when you need to get a procedure such as a hair transplant done, simply because you probably need to have it done immediately, if not in the very near future.