Outside of Los Angeles sits what’s considered to be one of the best destinations for family vacations. Not only does Disneyland call Anaheim home, but so do many other family-friendly venues. Providing priceless moments to those who visit is one thing that they’ve mastered as the city continues to grow.

From finding the best hotels near Knott’s Berry Farm to unleashing as much fun as possible, you’re about to see exactly how to turn up the fun upon arrival in Anaheim, California. And don’t worry, it’s not going to have you digging into your life savings just to provide your family with a memorable experience.

Dig into the Best Family-Friend Venues of Anaheim

The best way to do this is to hop on your computer and start looking at the various venues that are around. You’ll be able to see what they offer, how much it’ll cost, as well as where exactly they’re located so you can make a plan and an itinerary. One thing to look out for is various discounts resorts offer, such as to military, teachers, and students. Some resorts and resort groups also offer discounts for going to multiple parks or going over multiple days.

Below you’ll see some of the hottest spots among the kids as well as their parents.

Disneyland Resort

This is the most popular of all, and it’s no secret why. Disneyland, which has recently added a new Star Wars-themed park, is packed full of rides and attractions for people of all ages. It immerses its guests in the stories of Walt Disney and has just about everything you could need on a family outing. All in one spot so you won’t be running around town all day.

Flightdeck Flight Simulation Center

For those with kids that are 11 and over, this is a great experience sure to last a lifetime. It provides the opportunity to pilot a flight through their simulator, within a variety of changing conditions. It could even lead some young ones who embrace it to pursue their dream career!

Great Wolf Lodge

Known for being an indoor waterpark able to satisfy the needs of all ages, it’s one that’s shortlisted when it comes to having a family vacation in Anaheim. It’s also a great addition to any trip to Disneyland since it unlocks the door to tons of water fun.

Knott’s Berry Farm

This is a place where the younger kids are the focus. Packed with many rides and with Knott’s Soak Park during the summer, there’s no shortage of fun. It might not be as immersive as Disneyland, but it’s a great alternative or addition for those looking to have family fun in Anaheim.

Anaheim Ice

From taking ice skating lessons to enjoying a day on the ice, this is the place to be if you have a trip in Anaheim planned. The facilities are modern and ahead of the curve unlike other ice-skating arenas out there. Not to mention, it’s an architectural feat everyone can be grateful for in a city where ice hockey comes as no stranger thanks to the Anaheim Ducks.

Finally, make sure everyone’s stay is comfortable.

This is the most important part of any family getaway. If you and yours aren’t comfortable, how can you have a stress-free vacation? The answer is simple, you won’t. That’s why it is essential to do your homework before you hit the road. By looking at reviews online and seeing what each hotel has to offer, you’ll ensure you don’t get any nasty surprises.

Hyatt House Cypress/Anaheim is one of the better options in the area, and it even provides long-term accommodations if your trip to Anaheim will last for more than just a few days. Stay in shape with their fitness center, fuel your body with a great breakfast, and have all the modern amenities you need (like high-speed internet, a business center, and fax services). All at a location that’s central to the main happenings of the town. Take a look at their website to learn more about what this Hyatt hotel can provide for your trip.

Hilton Anaheim is another popular pick. It’s a mile away from Disneyland and close to the Anaheim Convention Center. Its central location is the main selling point, but it’s also got a well-kept outdoor pool with a waterslide and some spa packages.