My status as a stay-at-home mum is actually still up for review, but there’s absolutely no pressure at all to get back into the teaching profession — certainly not on a full-time basis, if at all. One of the income-generation channels one would naturally pursue as a stay-at-home mum is indeed that of online gambling, which may have been all about trying to make a bit of extra money on the side in the beginning, but there is now a lot more fun to be had with online gambling.

Video Slots

imageWhen you’re engaging in something like online gambling for more than just the fun aspect of it and you want to make a bit of money, once things get serious you build up a strategy and methodology which can get rather boring and repetitive. The difference between video slots and usual slots games however makes online gambling that much more fun in that video slots are a lot more interactive and rich with features, going way beyond the spin-and-wait motion otherwise associated with usual slots games. Video slots and the graphic-rich, feature-rich interfaces they come with makes games more engaging, with any video slots game you’re playing on any given day falling nothing short of any other computer game you might be playing purely for fun.

And that’s it with video slots — they’re a lot of fun, even when you’re not trying to make a buck with a few spins you basically have something which you can really enjoy playing.

More Chances to Win

Since video-based slots have evolved to incorporate a lot more interactivity than those usual analogue based casino games, your chances of winning are immediately multiplied. It’s no longer just about the next spin, but rather about what extra features and gaming modes you can possibly unlock as you go along, some of which special gaming modes are precisely what makes for some of the biggest online casino winnings recorded. It’s no longer just about matching three “lucky-sevens” in a row, as the chances of that happening have proven over and over again to be really slim.

The Skill-Factor



With traditional analogue-type slots games, one’s chances of winning basically came down to nothing more than pure luck. Since video-based slots are a lot more intuitive, engaging and interactive however, you can add to the luck-factor with some of your own skill. Some games take a lot more skill to win than the luck they require, which means someone who actually takes the time to develop their skill-levels can really turn online gambling into a consistent money-spinner. Responsible gambling is always encouraged however and you should really know when to stop, but when you do stop you can carry on playing purely for the fun of it.