Relaxation is very important. It can be the one thing that keeps you from having a panic attack, that allows you a stress-free moment during the day, and helps keep your heart rate under control if you have high blood pressure. Sometimes it feels as though relaxation is hard to come by.

Your life is hectic. You work, you raise children, you keep your home, and now with smartphones and tablets, you’re hyper-connected and always answers someone’s emails or texts. Taking some time out daily, or even weekly, to relax can make a huge difference in your life and in your mood.

Take Up Hiking

Aside from yoga, hiking is probably one of the most relaxing workouts you can participate in. Not only does it get you out into the fresh air, but nature can be extremely relaxing. The picturesque view could set the mood for you, and exploring calm music genres might help you build your own pace. Given the scientifically proven benefits music may have on you in terms of unwinding, you could pair hiking and music as an effective way to clear and refresh your mind. In essence, you could develop this as the go-to workout where you can release stress and calories at the same time.

As you get farther into your hike and start getting your heart rate up your brain will release endorphins, which are hormones that elevate your mood.

Get A Massage

One really great way to relax is to get a massage. This isn’t always a cheap endeavor, but it is well worth the cost. You may want to shop around for the best price and the best place to get this done. You might even need to try a couple places before you find the one that works for you.

Your comfort and relaxation at the spa starts with the massage tables. It’s not just about the right space to lay, it’s also about the right atmosphere, and the right person doing the job. You’ll know you found the right place and the right person when you find it.

Do Yoga

Yoga is not just relaxing, it also does many other good things for your health and wellness. It strengthens and stretches. Some people think that yoga is an extremely difficult and painful thing, but if you’re going into poses until they hurt you’re doing it wrong. Take your time.

The more you do yoga the more flexible you will become. The relaxing part of it is your breathing. Breathing is a big part of yoga and it will help you relax and gain peace of mind.

Start Meditating

Many yoga routines end with meditation. You can also meditate only, and skip the yoga (maybe you just don’t have time for 20 minutes or more of yoga). Meditation can be done any part of the day and for any amount of time.

Consider starting and ending your day with a short meditation. To get started with this you can find all kinds of guided meditations on YouTube, of all length. Pick the one that sounds right for your day!