You know how it is. Bit by bit, you adapt your home around your lifestyle (and the kids) until it fits you like a velvet glove.

Then you decide to move. Suddenly, you see your home through completely different eyes.

Don’t panic. Very rarely you might need to make wholesale improvements like getting in touch with professionals who engage themselves in Roof repair services, painting, remodeling, and so on to make your home attractive to a buyer. Try simple, inexpensive measures first – you’ll be surprised how much difference they’ll make. Here are our four tips which, taken together, will massively improve your chances of getting, or even exceeding, your asking price.

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes

Think about what type of buyer your home and location are likely to attract. If, for example, yours is a family home close to good schools and parks, etc, it can help to present every room as it was originally intended. This could involve turning a study back into a dining room or a store room back into a bedroom, but it’ll go a long way to giving a potential buyer that all-important lifestyle to visualise.

Consider too, the décor. If your interior design tastes are at the racier, more colourful end of the spectrum, consider reverting back to more neutral tones. Buyers like a blank canvas to work with and brighter colours always make a home look larger and more airy.

Clear out the clutter

Nothing claws back precious space like a good declutter. Once you’ve summoned up the required ruthlessness, it’s plain sailing. Get rid of anything that isn’t essential or delightful to look at. Sell it, store it, recycle it or give it away. The payback will come in the form of a quicker sale and a better price for your home.

Don’t feel you have to stop at the small stuff, either. It may help to replace large space-devouring items of furniture with smaller items in a bid to ‘stage’ each room for its role in the home.

Simply hire an affordable rubbish removal service in your area to assist with the process. For instance, if you’re located in St Kilda, you can look for a reputed rubbish removal st kilda that can help you dispose of unwanted items quickly and responsibly, ensuring that recyclable materials are processed correctly and that your discarded belongings don’t harm the environment.

By entrusting this task to experts, you can save time and effort, allowing you to focus on other aspects of preparing your home for sale.

Once decluttered and appropriately furnished, give each room a thorough clean. What you’ll have left is an inviting, uncluttered space bristling with elegance and simplicity. And as a wise person once said, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Let the light in

With your neutral décor in place and your declutter done, you’ve already allowed more light into your home. Complete the effect by making sure all the windows are sparkling clean and placing mirrors strategically around the home. Curtains or blinds in paler shades also help to keep a room bright, as do light coloured surfaces, particularly in kitchens, bathrooms and dining rooms.

Avoid blocking natural daylight wherever possible and if you do have any dark corners, bring them alive with attractive lighting – and make sure it’s switched on for viewings. 

Create kerb appeal

With the interior ready, turn your attention to making the best first impression. Whether it’s from an estate agent’s photo or a pre-viewing drive-by, your home’s exterior will almost always be the first thing a buyer sees.

No property buyer wants to arrive for a viewing and be greeted by cracked bricks, broken gutters, grubby soffits, a damaged chimney or a misaligned garage door. Reassure buyers that there are no expensive shocks in store – even if it means spending a little money yourself. One thing you can do is make sure your home’s exterior is in tip top shape. Roofing experts will tell you that a new roof or new exterior siding can improve the look and value of a residence as well as minimize energy costs and noise for the homeowner, so be sure to consider this when trying to build up your home’s curb appeal.

Less costly is to make any front garden or driveway look attractive and welcoming. A recently mowed lawn, trimmed hedge and swept pathway will all help to create the kerb appeal you need to draw people in. And don’t forget finishing touches like a well-oiled garden gate, decorative planters, hanging baskets and a freshly painted front door.