From Queen Cleopatra to Liz Taylor and from Audrey Hepburn to modern red-carpet divas, women of all historical and cultural ages have revered pearls and their eerie beauty and charming shimmer. Emperors, Sultans, lords, and pirates have worn pearls throughout history, fighting for them and celebrating them as symbols of power, wisdom, high class, and sophistication.

In the last years, pearls were shadowed by other precious stones and gems and by more modern jewellery pieces, but today pearls are more fashionable than ever. From an investments’ point of view, pearls regained their rightful place in the heart of financial experts, while on runways and fashion shows, they were brought back to life in exquisite jewellery designs. Today we will look at pearls from a contemporary point of view and focus on four essential pearl pieces all women should consider wearing.

In a Nutshell: All You Need to Know About Buying Pearls

As we said, pearls are making a huge comeback as a smart investment and as a must-have accessory. Before you rush down to the jewellery store, however, let’s see a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Your pearl jewellery should compliment your skin tone
  • Larger pearls are recommended to women over 40 years of age while smaller pearls are more recommended to teenage and young women
  • Pearls are not only white and black but contrary to popular belief, they come in a very wide variety of hues and overtones, ranging from gold to silver, from pink to hot lavender, from aqua blue palettes to dark greens and plums, aubergine, navy blue, peacock and so on.
  • The larger the pearls are, the more expensive they are likely to be
  • Before you sign a check, make sure your pearls also come with solid warranty certificates, proved provenance and replacement/maintenance policies – especially if you buy from retail stores
  • Pearls can be worn not only in elegant occasions such as weddings or formal parties, but they can style up almost any outfit, be it casual or business.

Four Essential Pearl Jewellery Pieces

1. The Graceful Pearl Ring

portrait of a beautiful girl with a pearl ring

You don’t have to receive a pearl engagement ring to wear one. Modern pearl rings come in a wide variety of designs from the simple one-pearl silver band to the more intricate contemporary mixes of precious metals and other stones, crystals and gems. A pearl ring is a refined and discrete accessory and it can enhance a casual chic look just as it can style up a demure office suit.

2. The Sublime Pearl Earrings

Retro Woman Portrait

Just like diamond studs are eternal, pearl earrings will never go out of fashion. Drop pearl earrings are designers’ favourite. Combining them with an Empire off-the-shoulder floor-length dress, black shimmery pencil heels, a multilayered pearl necklace, smokey eyes, and red lipstick can instantly make any woman Become a femme fatale.

3. The Immortal Pearl Necklace

beautiful sensual woman with dark hair wears luxurious fur coat

Before buying pearl jewellery, you need to do your homework right and learn about the different types of pearl necklaces. You may want a simple and refined white rope pearl necklace to go with everything, or you might feel attracted to a fun, fresh, and trendy white pearl necklace in a modern design. Pearl necklaces go insanely great with evening gowns and power suits, but also with jeans and casual outfits if you style them correctly.

4. The Valuable Pearl Bracelet

5_pearl bracelet

You can get a set of pearl jewellery or you can simply add just one pearl bracelet to your collection and turn into an icon of elegance, class and refined tastes. Pearl bracelets are your go-to choice if you want to add some glam and sophistication to any outfit – be it formal or casual, trendy chic or mature black tie style.

Of course, you can buy a pearl jewellery set and satisfy all your tastes and needs. Sets often contain necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Taken separately, each of these essential four pieces will make you look dashing without any effort in any given situation. Learn how to wear pearl jewellery and how to style it up correctly and look fabulous no matter the year or the fashion trends!

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