It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to sex. Sustaining the passion and excitement you felt at the start of your relationship with your partner isn’t easy and as the pair of you get into a routine, the spark can disappear. However, there are things you can do to give your love life a boost. These five tips should help you to put the romance back into your relationship.

1) Tackle problems in the bedroom

One potential stumbling block when it comes to having fun between the sheets is a sexual problem like erectile dysfunction (ED). Many men suffer from this condition and it can be triggered by a whole range of physical and psychological issues. If you or your partner is experiencing ED, don’t be tempted to ignore the problem and simply hope it goes away. There are now a range of effective treatments available, including Levitra and Viagra.

Other than ED there can be various issues that might be affecting your sexual life. For instance, the lack of excitement can be one of them, for which, you can try trying new things in the bedroom. You can try role-play or watch porn to set the mood and feel turned on before getting into the action. If required, you can explore websites such as to get a directory of porn websites to access videos that can sexually excite you and your partner and improve the sex experience.

2) Plan date nights

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Life these days can be hectic and like lots of couples, you and your partner might find your days and evenings are mostly taken up by work and family commitments. However, whenever possible, steal some time to enjoy a date night together. Sitting in front of the TV won’t do anything to get you in the mood, but heading out for a candle-lit dinner or snuggling up in the cinema might.

3) Mix things up

When it comes to sex, the longer a couple has been together, the more cautious they become. You can reinvigorate your relationship by changing things up and trying new positions or locations. Aside from that, you also could try incorporating the Best sex dolls to spice things up. They may help you express your sexuality, increase communication, strengthen intimacy, and add a lot of excitement to your sex life. Thankfully, society is becoming more sex-positive, and sex toys, which were once considered taboo, are now common in bedrooms all over the world.

4) Find out what you and your partner really want

Think about your sexual fantasies too, and don’t be afraid to share them with your partner. Also, ask your other half what they most desire in the bedroom. If you’ve not discussed these things with each other before, you might be nervous at first. However, it’s worth getting over any reservations. It could start a whole new chapter in your sex lives together. For instance, if both of you are into trying a threesome, you could maybe go through escort directories like to find out someone with whom you can try this fantasy out.

5) Take the pressure off

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Last but not least, don’t put yourself under too much pressure in the bedroom. People are now constantly bombarded with ideas about what constitutes a healthy and passionate sex life. Because of this, lots of couples feel they ‘should’ be having sex with a certain frequency. This is a sure fire way to kill the mood. Instead, don’t worry about what other people are doing. Simply focus on what works for you and your partner.