When it comes to expensive things in life, one of the most expensive things many people do is have kids. Having children is expensive, and so is adopting and surrogacy. However, for the majority of parents out there, being a mom and/or a dad is well worth the cost of parenting.

However, you don’t have to live in the poor house if you’re a parent. There are plenty of people out there that have plenty of children and barely struggle. It’s because they are wise when it comes to spending on their children, and they know how to manage their money.

Become A Couponer

One way that parents are working on saving more money these days is by couponing. Many stores still double coupons, and there are classes set up that help you learn how to get the most out of clipping coupons. Of course, with today’s technology, you don’t even need to clip them. You can have coupons added to your store membership cards, or simply show them the coupon on your smartphone.

While coupons are often associated with grocery shopping, it’s essential to recognize that they can be used for various purchases, including clothing and other items for your kids. When shopping for your children’s needs, always keep an eye out for a good buy gear promo code (or other discounts offered by stores).

Shop Thrifty

Don’t just buy new things for your kids. Teach them how to be more thrifty by shopping used with them. Kids grow out of clothing quickly, and even baby clothes are pretty expensive. You can save money by shopping at thrift stores and at yard sales.

When your kids reach their teens you may want to start buying them clothing that will last a little longer, but you can still find new items at thrift stores. You can also save money on clothing by shopping at discount and warehouse stores.

Grow Your Own Foods

If you have the time and the energy, and the green thumb, you can grow your own fruits and vegetables at home, and save some money on groceries. If you have a country home, you may even want to raise chickens, or some other food animal. This is a great way to teach kids responsibility, and save you money.

Ask For Help

There is help out there for families that are struggling. You can find help affording groceries and school clothing, and more. If you find that you do need some help, start out by talking to local churches. They often have their own food pantries, or they will know just where to direct you for what you need. Everyone falls on hard times now and then, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Be A Saver

Finally, as a parent, you really need to not be living paycheck to paycheck. Start saving your pennies, even if that’s all you actually have to save. That money will add up over time, and maybe you can use your savings once a year for back to school shopping, or even to do something fun with your family each spring break.