Thanks to the current COVID-19 pandemic, most of us have been spending more time than usual at home this year. This may well have got you thinking about all those upgrades and redesigns that you’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t quite found the time for yet.

Now is a fantastic opportunity to invest some time and effort in your home and with all the current focus on hygiene, the bathroom might be the perfect room to start with! So if you’re considering redecorating your bathroom but struggling for inspiration as to the exact style or design to choose, you can read through this article. From nautical to eco friendly bathroom ideas, we’ve got you covered.


Wondering what this is? Thanks to their emphasis on water use, bathrooms tend to lend themselves very well to a nautical theme. Think distressed wood, striped motifs, and beach or ocean images for decoration. White and cream are both great base colours used with different shades of blue to add depth and highlights. Sea shells, starfish and other ocean creatures can be effective ways to add the vibe, although be careful to use a light hand so that the room doesn’t look clichéd!


We might not be able to travel right now, but that’s no reason for you not to bring a travel theme into your home. You could style your bathroom to match a particular country or city that you love – whether you’ve been there or not – or go for a more general world travel theme. Hang a world map on the wall or even have a little globe as a decorative item. Vintage suitcase decor, postcard art and mementos from previous holidays can all make nice finishing touches.

Bold colours

To keep your theme simpler, you could opt for a bold use of colour. Colour gives you a lot of freedom, as you can choose your favourite and run with it. Whether you want bright walls, funky floor tiles or to highlight the ceiling, there are plenty of options for you. If you’re unsure of exactly how to pull it off, get some advice from the best bathroom shop St Albans has to offer!


What better way to relax than to turn your bathroom into your own personal sanctuary? Bring that spa feeling home with pale, neutral colours, soft fluffy towels and the use of elegant materials such as marble and stone. A hint of grey or gold can also be an effective way to add some luxury. Keep the space as uncluttered as possible to maintain the calm atmosphere, with just some well-chosen scented candles and spa products for extra ambience.


It might sound a bit unusual, but the bathroom is actually a great place to have some greenery. Certain species of plants (such as ferns) thrive in a moisture-rich, humid environment. This makes the bathroom the perfect place for them and also creates a welcome oasis of nature for you. Plus they’re great at improving the air quality of a room and reducing your stress levels. It’s a real win-win!