Lockdown has made things a lot tougher for parents and although schools are starting to reopen, not all children have gone back to school just yet. That means a few more difficult days for parents while, as well as parenting, they continue to take on the role of teachers for the time being.  

Thankfully, there are lots of online resources out there that can help them, but you also need a decent broadband connection. The kids are going to spend a lot of time on there learning, so you don’t one your internet connection to fail them. This article looks at things to consider when choosing a deal, plus five sites the children on which the kids can do some learning once it’s all up and running.  

Finding good broadband 

One of the main things to ask yourself is ‘How many people will be using the connection?’ If you have a large family, you’ll need a faster connection, especially since the kids are likely to be streaming educational videos. You might also be working from home while they’re learning, which means you’ll be placing demands on the internet connection as well 

Fibre broadband is a fast option, ideal for multiple users, and you want to be looking at download speeds of at least 10Mbps per user. The higher the internet speed, the better. An unlimited broadband deal, which is pretty much the norm these days, will suit you better than a limited one. You’ll have much more freedom of usage. 

Price is, of course, an important consideration and you don’t always have to pay sky-high prices for good broadband. You can find a good, cheap broadband deal just by visiting a price comparison website and typing your postcode into the postcode checker. You’ll see which operators are available in the area and at what price. Note that when you’re choosing your deal, you should consider adding TV or calls. Often service providers can offer them cheaper within a bundle than as a standalone service. 

Once you’ve signed up for your deal and got your internet installed, here are a few sites on which your children can do some serious learning: 

  1. Tutorful 

Tutorful is free to sign up for. The tutors set the rates, and you can find one-to-one tuition for a variety of subjects. Kids can even learn to play a musical instrument on the platform. Tutorful is especially useful if your child is struggling with a specific subject, and will allow them to focus on it and improveThe platform makes education accessible by covering all levels, from primary through to A-level education, and offers tuition for pupils with special educational needs. 

  1. NASA Kids Club 

This site is excellent for kids who are interested in space exploration. On the site, they can learn about missions such as the Hubble Telescope and the International Space Station and the discoveries NASA has made with them. That’s not to mention, of course, amazing images and footages from outer space. You never know when you might have the next Neil Armstrong or Helen Sharman on your hands! 

  1. BBC Bitesize 

Naturally, BBC Bitesize provides immense support for parents who are home schooling just now, and the chances are you’re using it already. The platform offers daily lessons and has a TV schedule and an online learning schedule, and the content is tailored to the National Curriculum. If children happen to miss any lessons, they can catch up with them on BBC iPlayer. There’s also a toolkit for parents to help them care for their children’s wellbeing appropriately. 

  1. Oxford Owl 

Oxford Owl bases itself on the National Curriculum and has thousands of resources for website users. The site sets out to help children improve their reading, writing and maths skills and has been developed by Oxford educationalists, so you know the teaching is going to be good! On Oxford Owl, you’ll find a free eBook library, activities such as downloadable colouring-in sheets, a blog with teaching tips to help parents and more. 

  1. Art for Kids Hub 

Does your child have a creative streak? Then they’ll love the Art for Kids Hub, a family-run YouTube channel which dedicates itself to teaching kids art. Children who enjoy art can learn how to draw all sorts of cool things, such as cartoon characters, dragons and Hachimals. Is there a child alive who wouldn’t want to do that!  

The UK may have been in lockdown, but the nation can thank its lucky stars for the internet and the opportunities it offers for their children to keep on learning while the schools are closed. Some schools have already reopened and it won’t be long before the rest follow, but for now it’s a case of ‘Turn on your computer and download the exercises’ until they do. 

Image by Klimkin, used under Pixabay licence