In this current digital age, a lot of parents are aware that their children are moving on to more virtual pastimes instead of outdoor activities, let alone spending quality time with their family.

This recent video from Dolmio has highlighted that families are being ‘separated’ by mobile technology and also emphasised the idea that simply ‘switching off’ could promote opportunities to bond with your family.

Traditional family outings and activities are often held as some of the most effective family bonding techniques: everyone remembers the camping trips of their youth, for example, and in hindsight even the inevitable arguments can seem nostalgic!


Sportfishing, such as those carried out on Tamarindo Costa Rica fishing charters is another of these quintessential bonding activities: traditionally a father-and-son outing with a ‘hunter-gatherer’ edge, fishing is an activity that promotes teamwork and gives a great sense of group achievement, both of which promote a positive sense of being with one’s family. Additionally, knowing how to fish and when to fish is a skill that can stay with a person for a lifetime. Sure, there are resources available to figure out the latter (like a fishing calendar available on, but the former is something that only comes with trying this activity practically. Moreover, the knowledge can be taught and passed on from generation to generation, making fishing a valuable way to bond with your family.

An Age-Old Survival Skill

Although humans no longer need to hunt for our own food, knowing how to fish can not only be a lifelong hobby but also a handy age-old survival skill. Fishing gives you practical knowledge and also helps family members gain a sense of independence whilst learning from each other. Make sure that you engage with your family at each fishing trip, praising each other’s efforts and enjoying your successes together, and no doubt you will find this activity is full of discovery.


Let Others Take the Lead

Whether you are new to fishing or an experienced angler, letting other family members such as your children take the lead will not only pique their interest but also encourage their organisational skills and independence. By doing so, you’re showing an element of trust in other individuals, essentially demonstrating your faith in your children’s abilities.

To start with you can show them how to select rods that suit the style of fishing and types of fish in your chosen spot, and then move on to how to use and hold a rod properly when you’re out on a fishing trip.

Out Of the Water and Into the Frying Pan

One way to really enjoy your sense of achievement and family bonding on a fishing trip is to cook your catch in that same evening (of course this will only works if you managed to catch some fish!). This will help replicate the camping BBQ experiences of your own youth, but is also a great to engineer some time alone with your children away from the usual stresses of technology and family life. Collect some kindling and bring along fire-lighting materials, a gutting knife, seasoning and some snacks, and have a fantastic full day out with your family.