There’s a reason why children tend not to like wearing shoes and it goes all the way back to the in-built instincts we’re all born with. You probably didn’t really like wearing shoes yourself when you were little, but it’s not so much about hating shoes, but rather about being comfortable in what is a very natural form of being. Kids take any opportunity they can get to kick off their shoes, which is actually something that’s encouraged, since their feet (along with every other part of their bodies) are still being formed. Shoes just tend to be a discomfort, but be that as it may, they were invented for a reason.

Children especially love to walk and run around barefoot in summer, perhaps just to shake off the discomfort that comes with sweaty feet, but mostly because shoes tend to slow them down when they get up to all sorts of activities. You may be feeling comfortable in your summer sandals, but your little ones really can’t seem to handle what passes off as comfort for you, in that way. Shoes just tend to be a hindrance to a lot of things, but there are times when it’s important for them to wear shoes, regardless. They’re perhaps going to enjoy a day out at the beach or they’re maybe going to engage in some activity which could really do some damage to their delicate little feet, with something like running around on a hard surface (like a pavement) often accounting for some slight foot injuries which only become apparent to the kids once they’re all done with their play-time. Repeatedly kicking an official-sized football amongst other activities can also deal some subtle but significant damage to the kids’ delicate feet if they go about it barefooted all day, so these are just some of the instances in which you need to make sure they wear appropriate shoes. The question is how to do it?

Let Them Pick Out Their Shoes

Whenever you go shopping for shoes with the kids, take them along and allow them to choose the shoes they like. This isn’t an early introduction to the fickle world of fashion, but rather a means through which you can make sure they love their own choice and will therefore love wearing the shoes they picked out. Don’t give them full reign though. Since it’s not about making them fashion conscious, make it a joint decision which is based on comfort as much as style. If they select a pair they like, get them to try them on and see just how comfortable they are if they walk a few steps.

If style must come into this joint decision, which it probably will, shoe makes such as those forming part of the Skechers line have a way of fusing style and comfort in the best way possible.

Ultimately, if it really is “safe” for the kids to run around barefoot, then let them do that, otherwise if they don’t have shoes they particularly like and are comfortable in, they’ll take any opportunity not to wear their shoes.