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All kids love indulging in a bit of fancy dress, so when it comes to their birthday parties why not treat them to a fancy dress birthday party. Of course, the theme is entirely dependant on your little bundle of joys interests, but as a starter, here are some of our favourite themes to inspire you:

1920’s Themed Parties:

If your kid is something of a history buff or a teenager, then a roaring 1920’s fancy dress party is the way forward. From flapper girls to dandy gents, there is something for everyone at a 1920’s themed party. The music, of course, does not have to reflect the style of the 1920’s, as not many children are into that style of music. The key is to have something unique when throwing a fancy dress party, so a 1920’s themed party will go down a treat with both children and adults. After all, why should the kids have all the fun?


What little girl doesn’t dream of being a princess? There are so many beautiful princess dresses available on the high street, and online, that you cannot go wrong with a princess inspired theme. Should you little girl be more interested in  Disney princesses than monarchies, then there a wealth of Disney princesses to be inspired by:



Snow White






A dinosaur themed party is a must for any little boy (or girl). With some truly fun and unique costumes available, your childs birthday would be the talk of the town for many years to come. Should you not be too au fait with your dinosaurs, then this list may help you choose a suitable costume:







All kids love animals, that is a fact of life. Why not try out a jungle themed party for your little ones fancy dress birthday bash? With such a vast array of costumes that are available to hire, and with all kids having their favourite animal that they would want to dress up as, an animal themed party would be a great hit for all genders. You could even hire a face painter to decorate the faces of the children attending for something truly special. Should the thought of a face painter not sound appealing, then fun activities at the party could include making your own animal masks. With an animal themed party, the possibilities are endless.

Cartoon Characters:

As any parent knows, a true blessing to any household is the television. Whether we aim to limit are children’s television viewing or not, we all allow them to watch a few cartoons from time to time. A cartoon character-themed party will allow children to play with their favorite characters. With so many cartoons aimed at children, your child may find it amusing to look at their favorite characters together! To make the party more appealing, you could hire professionals who specialize in face painting melbourne to further entertain them. Color is associated with emotion and energy, and it has the power to change someone’s day. It’s the highlight of the party! As a result, face painting could be a great option for your kid’s birthday party.

Fancy dress parties are a huge hit with kids (and adults alike), pick your theme and decorate accordingly. We are certain your child will have a ball!