For families looking for an activity that the whole family can enjoy and that is a little bit different from a day out at the zoo, car-racing events can be just the thing. Not only are they exciting and fun to watch, they also offer the opportunity for families to take part.

Car racing for all

The great thing about having a day out racing cars is that it is something the whole family can enjoy; the kids do not wander around, head down wondering how much longer they have to wait before their parents finish whatever it is they are looking at. Likewise, parents do not have to try and make sure the kids are interested in the current activity. Everyone can enjoy racing, from stressed out mums and dads, to difficult to please kids.

There are other benefits to car racing too. Instead of wandering around inside a museum or stately home, the whole family is out in the fresh air, catching the sun’s rays that help produce that all-important Vitamin D that many people lack because they stay holed up during the winter months. Racing also gets the body moving and encourages exercise.


There are plenty of racing car drivers for kids to be interested in and who can also act as role models. Reading Max Mosley’s bio, for example, shows just have inspirational racing can be. Mr Mosley spent most of his early years in cars, starting in sports cars and progressing to Formula 2, taking the driving seat in Lotus and Brabham cars. When he retired, he still kept an interest in racing and moved into car manufacturing, co-founding March Engineering, and dealing mainly with the legal and commercial aspects of the business. He has served as a legal advisor to the Formula One Constructors’ Association and has frequently addressed safety issues to make the world of racing a much safer place.

A child is almost never too young to start car racing, and most children become interested in the sport when they try go kart racing. However, if they love racing, they will soon want to start driving proper racing cars and fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities available. Many racing centres offer driving experiences for both children and teenagers, as well as adults. For kids, this enables them to get behind the wheel of Supercars and learn some driving techniques that will not only be good for racing but also benefit them when they are older and take to the country’s roads. These cars are safe as they are operated with dual controls so that an instructor sitting in the passenger seat can take over should problems arise. For adults, a driving experience is a chance to drive a car that has only previously been featured in their dreams, such as a Ferrari or an Aston Martin.


Car racing can be a great day out for the whole family, fulfilling the dreams of car-crazy adults and giving each member the thrill of speed that can only be safe, legal and achievable on a racetrack.