Exercise with the kids can be an enjoyable experience if done properly. One way to make this happen is to plan an activity that gets the entire family together. You will want to choose activities that encourage everyone, not just the oldest member of the family. There are many parks that have playgrounds, and this is an ideal place to take the kids. No one wants someone on a bike or in a wagon to act as their entertainer, so while working out, no one needs to talk to someone else.

When working out with the kids, it is important to remember to keep the physical activity-low intensity and low-impact. Walking, jogging, biking and swimming are great examples of low impact physical activities. Most people find walking to be an easy, fun activity to pick up a family and leads to more cardiovascular fitness than other options. No one wants to overdo any exercise with the kids, so picking an activity that everyone can do together will help cut down on the boredom.

Another option is to have the kids bring their own bikes, rollerblades, or whatever else they can use to get exercise. Since they are in charge of deciding what activity is fun, they will be more likely to participate in a good physical activity that involves them all. A park may have a skateboarding ramp or other obstacles that the whole family can do, or the family can go out for a walk. When the activity is varied, it is easier for kids to get a good workout without getting bored and turning to the computer, phone or video game.

You can also have the kids do some aerobic dance routines with the other family members. There are many different types of aerobic dance styles, such as jazz, tap, ballroom dancing, Latin dancing and much more. To get some variety in the exercises, you can have each child perform the same routine on different days, or have one to do the same style on different days. The great thing about doing calisthenics with the kids is that each person can pick whatever style they want to practice, and the exercises don’t have to be complicated.

You don’t have to limit the physical activity to walking though. Have each child do a couple of push ups or sit ups while sitting on the floor, instead of on the couch. Jumping rope is another fun way to get children physically active. Make a rule that kids must be sitting on the floor when jumping rope, so they don’t fall off. The jump rope will keep them from falling off, and you can keep them from moving around on the floor when the jump rope is not being used.

There are many personal development and fitness exercises you can do together, without a lot of equipment. By getting your children physically active, they will have less chance of becoming inactive later on in life. They may find that they like to do exercise more than usual, because they feel healthier and happier.