Some say women have a purse for each pair of shoes or each outfit, but in case you don’t live inside the fantasy world of “Sex and the City”, you know this is not all true. Women indeed have many purses, but given the way fashion trends change and thinking about personal finances, it is hard to actually have one or two purses in each category. Those who are budget wary and look for the practical side of things at all times, will be gladly to learn that there are some types of bags and purses which are incredibly versatile.

Some special bags make perfect travel companions if you are into vacations, city breaks and spontaneous getaways, they go great with casual outfits and may truly spice up office attire. Let’s take a look over five types of bags that shouldn’t be absent from your collection and which you can wear, style and mix from here on end without spending a fortune to look a million bucks every single day. Of course, there are other tips on how to make your clothes look very expensive but today it is all about busy women and bags.

1. The Canvas Shoulder Bag

Woman in denim holding camera and shoulder bag on white background

A classic piece which matches your freelance job, your laidback attitude and your retro-inspired style, a canvas shoulder bag allows full versatility:

  • Mix it with classic cut jeans, a tank top and some sneakers and explore those travel destinations you are so hyped about.
  • Mix it with skinny cropped pants and a pair of heels, throw a casual canvas jacket over and you can go to work anywhere in the world.
  • Get your summer flowery maxi dress and your strappy sandals and attend a summer night party, a casual date or a dinner with your friends while keeping your belongings safely in your stylish canvas bag.

If you want to wear the bag endlessly, pick one in a neutral shade like camouflage green, gray, ivory or dark beige for even more style.

2. The Vintage Leather Messenger Bag

You know the vintage leather messenger bag is all the rage these days, as it is one of the most flexible, adaptable and fashionable accessories right now. The vintage design and fabric adds elegance and refinement to any look:

  • Take your comfy jeans, tank top and boots and walk the unbeaten path if you are the adventurous type who loves to travel to less know or exotic destinations. If you are more into exploring nature, scenery and physically engaging with the landscape, this type of bag will carry all your stuff, gear and gadgets allowing you to feel free and careless.
  • Mix and match a casual business outfit with high heels or flats if you like, with a skirt-and-jacket suit or with a jeans and silk shirt one and carry all your work items, laptop, tablet and files in the trendiest way possible.
  • Get your denim on (or your summer dresses) and have fun at brunch, at dinner or during a club hopping night without feeling restrained or worried about where to leave the purse or how to keep an eye on it.

3. The Multi Colored Oversized Tote

Pick a large tote with a multi colored pattern and prints to match all your outfit colors. You can choose only one color at a time from the tote pattern and create ever-changing outfits no matter where you go.

  • No matter where you travel, this tote will allow you to pack any type of clothes you wish for and not stuff your bags with numerous outfits for color matching or styles. It will help you thus travel light and mix all possible clothes.
  • When you go to the office, you can spice up a monochrome outfit with such a tote as it will enhance “serious” attire and turn into an accent piece that will bring you compliments for your taste and sense of fashion. Being oversize, it will help you carry around the laptop or the tablet, paperwork and files, personal items and even some accessories, like an umbrella or a sweater if you fear the weather.
  • Colored oversize totes make the perfect companions to gals loving a laidback style; it can complete a boho outfit, it can accompany you to the beach, to a summer party, a casual night out with friends or a casual date.

You surely own a timeless little black dress and an all-purpose large black bag, but think about looking great and being able to switch outfits and accessories without spending a lot of money on purses. These three types of bags are definitely the best options when you are an active woman joggling a job, a personal life and a travel hobby.