A lot of people tell you that once you have children, you can’t imagine life without them; not even the life you had before. But once they arrive, sometimes it’s hard to not think about what you did before when you had the freedom to be spontaneous and just say ‘lets go’, because sometimes you’re reminded that it’s not as easy as that. But who says that the things you used to enjoy have to be put on hold? You can still get out and about and enjoy the great outdoors without having to cart the kids around in a buggy; give them a comfortable ride and a fantastic view in a super comfortable child carrier.

SM - Little Life Ranger

If the first image that comes to mind is something similar to a newborn sling or even a papoose then don’t worry; advances in technology have made lugging your little one around a much more comfortable experience for you both – not to mention much safer too. Manufacturers of modern baby carriers have also taken into account that they’re not babies for long either, and that little legs get tired quickly so their carriers can be used for toddlers and younger children too.

Each one has its own features and extras that can make a day out with the kids a great deal easier, with some boasting all-singing and dancing straps clips and add ons, while others are a bit more basic and just do the job that’s expected of them. But whatever price you pay for a child carrier you can be sure that those from a trusted and respected brand all meet the safety standards needed to put a parents mind at ease. Names such as Little Life, Vaude and Deuter have been manufacturing Child Carrier for years and know exactly what a parent wants from extra storage to more comfortable and supportive straps; some of the biggest things to look out for are some of the things you might not have even considered.

SM - Deuter Kid Comfort 3

Loading: Popping your child into a carrier isn’t the easiest thing to do if you’re using a poor quality product so making sure that you can not only put them in safely in the first place, but sling the bag over your shoulders easy enough, is essential. You should always check that the pack can freely stand on its own and not fall over as soon as your child is in it; most packs have a reinforced base or a fold out stand to stabilise it while you slip on the straps so you don’t have to juggle with your balance, your child’s balance and everything else that could go wrong.

Access: When you’re on a hike up a mountain with your little man or little miss on your back, the chances are that you’re not going to be able to just take your bag off and get into your luggage for something you might need; that’s why things like side pockets and pouches that you don’t have to stretch to reach are a godsend. You’d probably stop and unload for lunch but when your phone is ringing or you need to have a quick look at a map, it’s easier to grab what you need while your little one is still on your back. These stash pockets are also handy for holding bribery treats for those ‘are we nearly there yet?’ moments too.

SM - Vaude Wallaby

Storage: Kids are pretty big things to carry so with one in a bag on your back, you probably don’t have much space to carry another bag over your shoulder. Many bags have additional storage options too with the dead space inside the frame useable for packing up with your day’s essentials, and removable rucksacks that attach to the carrier which can be zipped off for mum or dad to carry instead.

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