There seems to be a new player on the block with regard to providing services quickly. And they are doing it quite well. Someone finally got it right and bidvine can be congratulated.

Here’s how it works. Go to the website and it will ask you what service you would require. I tried it out with three different types of personal services, or jobs, if you like. I started by looking for a personal trainer.1 The real plus about the site is the questions that are asked of you to funnel you down to a specific person, or persons. As I understand it, you will have more than one choice from the people that will contact you.

The number of questions are not to many and are very well put together to determine as close as possible to exactly what or who you might be looking for. Questions like the days of the week you are free. Do you want them to come to you or will you go to them? What part of your body did you want to exercise and for what reason?

I also asked for a photographer to do some family portrait photography near Manchester. Oh, I forgot to mention that you need to enter your postcode so that you’re not having the service provider quoting for jobs half way across the UK. That makes sense and it’s also another logical piece of input at the start. You also have to enter a contact number or an email. You have the choice of using your Facebook as well. In the case of the photographer you could choose different types of photography.

Another service I tried was to find somebody to do web design. The reason I tried this was to compare the service against other online services such as Fiver and Upwork. Bidvine targets your service provider a lot better, to be honest. The response is a bit faster but that might also have to do with just how many providers are available for that particular type of work.

Simplicity. Bidvine was very easy to navigate. No fancy stuff on the opening page. I can see this being a real plus for the technology-challenged. By that I mean the older generation who keep on doing things the old way because they don’t understand the internet. Finding your way to the person you want was the perfect system for dummies J. You can use a desktop, iPad or your smart phone.

I didn’t have time to go through more than a few types of services, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a person available to do almost everything, including someone to blow up balloons for a birthday party, I’m sure!

I didn’t mention that the service provider will give you a quote to do the job if possible. So you know exactly how much you will be spending to get something done. A great idea and well put together. Highly recommended.