Expecting a new baby is an exciting, stressful and nerve-wracking process, particularly if it is your first. As new parents you’ll want to be fully prepared for when the big day arrives, although you know you can’t be prepared for every possible scenario that happens, it is good to get some things out of the way. Decorating the nursery for one!

When designing a nursery for a new arrival, you’ll want to think in the long term. It is no use decorating the entire place with bright pink sparkles for a baby girl, or a vibrant football theme set up for a boy if you need to re-decorate in a few years when your girl or boy starts to develop interests and hobbies of their own.

Here, we’ll take a look with at some great hints and tips as advised by www.completeinteriordesign.co.uk for new parents designing a nursery for their first child.

Figure Out the Gender!

Although unisex clothes work fine, if you want to get really personal and be ready, then it’s best to figure out the gender before you start shopping. After all, you don’t want to make up expectations in your head and act on them, only to be disappointed later. Getting a gender test in new zealand or most other countries these days is fairly easy, quick, and surprisingly accurate. So, you can get a head start. pic

Buying gender neutral clothes and accessories is not a bad idea either if you’re going that route, as it makes it easier for friends and relatives of the new baby to buy gifts for you. Some new parents like to push their own interests on their children, such as frilly dresses or astronaut footsie pyjamas, but this can be expensive! Ducks and teddy bears make great neutral themes.

Choose your Colour Scheme Wisely

When painting your nursery, try to remember that your baby will want to feel calm and safe in this room. Pastels are Calming Colours, whereas darker, richer colours can be distracting and distressing. Bright vibrant colours can look great, but are better for a playroom, not a nursery. Creams and pale shades of green and yellow are a good idea, plus this makes it easier for you to paint cute designs on them if you ever feel the need to!

Curtains, Blinds or Shutters?

While curtains provide a great way to increase privacy and reduce light, blinds are easier to clean while shutters do away with any potentially dangerous and dangling chords. Each has its own benefits and disadvantages although personally window shutters are best for a nursery as there are no loose chords to present a choking hazard.

You can obtain Custom Blinds and shutters to match the colour scheme of the room, and window shutters can be cut to fit any window. Curtains add an extra level of customisability with patterns and cute shapes, although you will need to be careful of loose chords.


Covering all Plug Sockets and Keeping Cables tied up

The safety of your new baby is paramount, so make sure to buy plug socket covers to reduce the chance of an accident and to make sure that all loose cables for lamps, televisions and the like are neatly wrapped up and taped in place so that they cannot be played with.

It might sound strange but babied and toddlers are capable of amazing feats, so you might think that just because something is out of reach or under the bed, they won’t find or play with it. Babies are intelligent, adaptable creatures that can cause a lot of trouble if unsupervised. If In doubt, secure it away!

You will also need to consider baby gates, small magnet locks on the fridge and taking anything harmful out of the lower cupboards anywhere in the house. While your nursery may be 100% accident proof, chances are the rest of the house won’t be, so you’ll need to start thinking ahead!