As a busy mum, your children most probably come before everything else. Taking care of children takes up a lot of time and is a lot of hard work. But, that doesn’t mean that you should forget about yourself and your needs.

All too many mums forget to make time for themselves and the things that are important to them, such as redecorating, for example. But, it is crucial that each week you take some time out – get a babysitter or rope in the grandparents to help, and do something for yourself.

If your bedroom is in dire need of a new look, why not spend the weekend redesigning it and turning it into a space that you love? Your bedroom is the place where you start and end the day, so it is important that it puts you in a happy and relaxed mood.


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For all the best design tips for creating a relaxing bedroom retreat, perfect for stressed out mums, have a read of this.

Choose a colour

Take the time choosing the colour for your bedroom carefully. You may not realise it, but the colour of a room can significantly affect your mood. For example, bright colours tend to create a fun and energetic vibe while more subtle colours like dusty blue, create a relaxed atmosphere.

While it is a good idea to pick soothing colours, like pastel shades and neutral tones. It is also important to pick a colour that you love. Choose a colour that inspires you and makes you feel happy, as well as helping to calm you down in times of stress.

If you rent your home and are unable to paint the walls, you can always add colour to the room by using accessories and other features.

Remove the TV

It’s become common to place a TV in the bedroom to watch before going to bed. Unfortunately, this often creates a major distraction from your partner, who would most likely enjoy a cuddle instead of watching Friends for the 6th time this week. Remove the TV and get an iPad instead, but not to watch Netflix. The iPad is purely to watch videos on a site like Cartoon Porno together, to help spice things up in the bedroom. Reducing screentime can also improve your sleep, so not only will your sex life improve, your energy levels will too.

Think about bed and bedding

Your bed should be the focal point of the room. It should stand out, look stylish and pull the whole room together. If your old bed is boring or outdated, replace it with a new one. Opt for a style you love, and that works well with the colour scheme and tone of the room.

Have you ever stayed at a really posh hotel? If you have, then you will know how amazing it feels to snuggle up in a luxurious bed – fresh sheets, cloud-like pillows and a super cosy comforter. You can make your own bed feel just as comfortable by making a few simple changes. All you need to do is invest in new bed linen and pillows from, and perhaps a new comforter too.

Be organised

Being organised and keeping your bedroom neat and tidy is the key to making your bedroom a stress free sanctuary.

Take the time to think about your storage options and find every item a home. That way it will be much easier for you to keep your room clear and clutter free.

Invest in accessories

To add style and a personal touch to your bedroom, invest in some fun and unique accessories. For example, if your walls are plain, you can use things like curtains, lampshades, rugs, wall art, etc. to give your room some style.

Don’t over clutter your room with accessories. Otherwise, it will look messy and cause unnecessary stress.