Being a single mum can be challenging, there’s no doubt about it.  It can also be one of the best things that ever happened to you.  Many women today choose to have a child, whether they are dating someone or not.  For others single motherhood happens because of a divorce or the breakup of a relationship.  What remains the same for most single mothers is the idea that they won’t meet a man.  For some reason there is an idea that once you have children it makes it impossible to date.  This is not the case, it never were.


We can probably all agree that falling in love means finding someone you like for who they are, and falling in love with that person.  As a single mom this is no different.  Someone will find you as you are and love you for who you are.  Without your kids you would not be yourself, therefore not the person you would want someone to fall in love with.  Love is simply about attracting the person who will love you for who you are, which includes loving you as a single mom.

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It is true that not all men want to find a woman with children, just as not all single moms want to meet a man with kids.  We are all looking for different things, and if you first find a man who was not looking for a single mom, it does not mean that all men are the same.  The important thing when attracting a partner is to be who you are and be proud of that. This does not mean not recognizing you may have an issue, or a scar or two.  It simply means that you are honest and open about who you are, and are happy to be that person.  Otherwise, if you are not happy about who you are, it’s time for you to change.  Men are attracted to women who are comfortable within their own skin, meaning comfortable about being a single mom if that’s who you are.

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Of course, dating as a single mom has its time constraints. You are probably a lot more busy than most.  For you to be happy it’s important to find a balance in your life though.  Spend an hour or two a week exercising, make sure you have some time to yourself every day, and have some dedicated time to your love life.  Especially with online dating, you don’t need that much time when you first start.  It’s easy to sit at home and browse profiles, starting to connect with people you may wish to go on a date with.  Then after chatting for a while, you can decide whether they are worth your time or not and schedule a date with them if you like.  You might have some organizing to do to make your love life stick together time it wise, but it is worth it.


Dating should be fun, whether you are a single mom or not. And you should always be looking for someone who likes you the way you are.  You may have to kiss a few frogs, but the journey should be filled with fun, adventure, and all those silly moments that make for romantic comedies.