Getting into shape is, at a guess, probably on the To Do list of about 90% of the population – and the remaining 10% consist of old people and babies. OK, so my maths and estimation skills aren’t great, but what I lack in these areas I make up for in determination to get at least halfway to the figure I want.

And I have discovered the best physical activity ever.


OK, so perhaps I didn’t discover cycling, but I’ve recently incorporated it into my fitness regime and I am LOVING it!
I actually like cycling in the evening the most. This works well for me with the nights getting lighter as well. Jack and I pop the kids into bed 7-7.30, and I head out into the Welsh country roads and enjoy the light nights and sunsets across the fields and hills. Cycling at this time seems to bring with it a certain amount of quiet and peace as well, and I’m finding, as well as being a really enjoyable workout, cycling is helping me to relax and unwind after a busy day with the boys or work.


Although I’m liking the light nights, I’m also definitely into road safety, and have recently invested in a new light set for my bike. Coming from someone who didn’t even wear a helmet until she saw some crazy ambulance documentary involving a cyclist-turned-vegetable recently, this is Big News. When I set off, it’s often light outside, but the sun sometimes sets faster than I anticipate, so it’s really important to have decent bike lights – especially for me, I guess, cycling down country roads!


So I checked out the Pro Bike Kit website (recommended to me by my brother), for cheap bike lights and found a set at a Smart Lunar 10 front and rear kit at a massive discount! I’m not into anything technical – or practical – but the light kit was really easy to fit, and I didn’t even need to ask Jack to help me with it – bonus! The light produced is really bright both at the front and rear, and it’s nice having the extra peace of mind that I can be seen easily by motorists. And the best thing is, this peace of mind was achieved at minimal costs!

Since finding an activity I enjoy, the weight has been, well, if not quite dropping off me, slowly sliding, so long may our summer last!