Getting children into eating vegetables is one of the leading challenges for parents across the globe. With so many sweet and fatty snacks on the market it’s harder than ever to entice kids into eating anything green. Celebrities, the government and even supermarkets have tried to make healthy food exciting, but here’s some tips that you can try for your next meal time.


Juices can provide a refreshing drink that can ensure your children get their fill of fruit and veg. Mix sweet fruits like oranges and apples with those wholesome green vegetables, like spinach to get a perfect balance of taste and healthiness. You can cram the necessary 5 a day into one juice recipe, but you just need a juicer that can handle it. Automatic slow juicers will extract all of the nutrients from your fruit, whilst a sealed flask will enable your child to take the juice to school to consume at lunch.

Creative recipes

Adding vegetables to a range of creative and healthy recipes can make your children enjoy vegetable goodness in a tasty way. Stray away from plain broccoli and carrots if it’s not working. There’s hundreds of ways to serve vegetables with recipes across the internet, don’t be afraid to experiment until you find one that your kids enjoy.


Making tasty sweet smoothies for breakfast or deserts can get a whole heap of fruity goodness into a child’s diet. Bananas make great smoothie ingredients, whilst raspberries, strawberries and blueberries are other good ideas. You can make smoothies with low fat milk or if you’re really struggling try a lump of ice cream to give it that sweet kick.

Dips for snacks

Carrot and celery sticks can be dipped in a tasty sauce that your child enjoys as a way to get their veggie fill. Some sauces that are popular include thousand island, which you can make yourself with low sugar tomato ketchup. Other ideas include hummus, relish, sweet salsa or sour cream. If all else fails then a classic cream cheese dip might be enough to do the trick.

Role models

If your child likes sports then you can press home the values of a healthy lifestyle by suggesting positive role models for them. Athletes like Jess Ennis-Hill have shared details of their diet on the internet in the past that promote the benefits of vegetables. Who knows, they might listen to an article from their hero more than they listen to their parents!

Sneaky tactics

If all else fails, but you still want your child to enjoy the goodness of fruit and veg then you’ll have to try some sneakier tactics. Ideas can include finely slicing carrots into bolognaise sauces, hiding sweetcorn in tuna mayonnaise sandwiches or making ice cream with berries and fruit as added ingredients.