Kids bring life and cuteness to any wedding. There is a simple way to craft the cutest child’s wedding outfit!

Kids at weddings aren’t unusual and they can add a special touch (providing they’re well behaved). The cool thing about kids at weddings is that they remind everybody about the journey of life and how innocence is to be treasured even though everybody eventually does grow up and get married.

Kids Wedding Attire Is Easy

Luckily, how to craft a cute outfit for kids is actually a bit easier than getting the grown-ups looking nice. There’s a couple ways to do it and they’re both pretty easy.

The first way is to just buy an outfit. You can rent kid’s wedding outfits at most wedding-wear rental places although it is sometimes a little harder to find little girls outfits at these places than little boys’ outfits. However, the place where you can find very cute outfits for little girls is at dress shops and custom women’s gown tailors.

So… that covers ‘ready-to-wear’. The other option is to put together an outfit around a theme of your own. For boys, you don’t really have to work very hard to get them to look cute because it’s so rare to see young boys dressed up. Almost no matter they’re wearing, everybody will say, “Ohhh, doesn’t he look nice!?”

Of course… sometimes he doesn’t think so. But that problem always disappears when he gets his first piece of wedding cake. It’s always nice to try to coordinate the kid’s wear with whatever their parents are wearing. Just so you get the general color close enough is usually OK. Because kid’s outfits are so small, there’s not really much room to do much ornamentation. For little girls, it’s sometimes easier to make their dress match or closely parallel whatever mom is wearing…. again, with the color being the easiest thing to focus on.

Getting Inspired

Another idea is to look through some magazines or The Perfect Wedding Guide and see if you see anything that you think would look good on your boy or girl (or both). There’s no law that says you have to actually make the garment yourself. It’s OK to take the pictures to a local seamstress and ask if they can copy it. Usually they can and will and it won’t cost very much because it’s so small. If you want to make it yourself and need some time alone, find a babysitter here They provide experienced babysitters at short notice.

For boys, if dad is wearing a formal stripe on his pants, it’s easy to put one on one of ‘little Billie’s’ pants too. If dad is wearing a bow-tie, it’s easy to get one for Billie. Shined shoes are easy to match reasonably close to dad’s as also are neck ties if they’re OK within the dress code of the wedding.

Don’t let crafting the kid’s wedding outfits be a burden. It shouldn’t be. Do the best you can with what you have if you have the skill. If you’re not a DIY’er, then find an idea you like and find somebody with the skill to do it. And as a last resort, buy something that looks nice. Kids are always cute anyway. Just be sure they’re clean behind their ears and they don’t bring Charlie their pet frog.