Every parent dreads that age old question from their children… can we have a dog, cat, bird, fish, centipede? Although your gut reaction might be to say no to a pet in fear that they will be expensive, disruptive or too high maintenance; they do not necessarily need to be. Indeed, pets can actually help you to teach your children to be caring towards animals, how to handle responsibility and also keep them entertained or help them wind down. However, difficulties can and often do arise if the right pet is not chosen for a child and their family.



What Pet is Most Suited to your Child, home and Lifestyle?


Whilst a boisterous puppy may be too disruptive in a quiet household they would ensure that they held the attention of children and could engage with family life in a more active household. In order to select the right pet for your child and your family it is important to take consideration of the role you wish for them to take in your family, your lifestyle, the time you have available to devote to it and, of course, your budget. Further, as with any new venture, it may be well worth considering starting small and first seeing how your child responds to a pet that needs only a little care and attention before taking on a pet which will be a much bigger responsibility.


An ideal first pet for a child, particularly for those with fairly young children and little space may be a fish tank. This is because the initial outlay of a small fish tank and fish will be inexpensive. Further, a child friendly fish tank such as the Fluval Marina fish tank which comes with child friendly features such as a plastic, rather than a glass casing and a feeding hatch, enable children to safely take part in cleaning the tank and feeding the fish. These tanks, which are available through reputable supplier such as All Pond Solutions, also help to further engage children and spark their imagination by coming with either a marina background and surfing or seahorse decals. This kind of a tank will give you the opportunity to give your child some responsibility without throwing them in at the deep end!

How do people respond to first pets?

The arrival of a first pet is a momentous occasion for any family, marked by excitement, joy, and a newfound sense of responsibility. Whether it’s a playful puppy, a curious kitten, or a small furry friend, the initial interactions with a pet often create lasting memories. The shared laughter, the gentle nuzzles, and the inevitable learning curves of pet ownership weave a tapestry of companionship that becomes an integral part of family life.

The bond formed with a first pet is a unique and cherished experience, creating a foundation for love, patience, and understanding. As families embark on this delightful journey, they may find themselves drawn to express their newfound pet enthusiasm in various ways, including proudly showcasing their love through adorable Australian Shepherd Apparel (if that’s the breed they go with) or posters of their cat hung on the home’s walls or something even more grand. It’s a delightful way to celebrate the newest addition to the family and wear their affection for their furry friend with style and pride.

fish tank

If you are serious about getting a family pet for your child to take care of, a fish represents the ideal choice. Easy to care for and feed, they help to educate your children and prepare for the responsibilities of owning a dog, cat or similar animal.