Who would have ever thought that something like getting pulled-over by a traffic officer could set a positive mindset shift in motion? That was certainly the case with me since this particular traffic officer gave me quite the dressing down once, after pulling me over and realising that I didn’t have my seatbelt on. He didn’t write me a ticket, but rather went on about how a safety belt is called exactly that for a reason — a ‘safety belt’ and not a ‘traffic officer belt’ because it’s there for my safety.

The truth is a lot of us only really pay attention to the safety aspects of our cars when it’s a mandatory requirement for legal or compliance matters. That pre-trip inspection you learned about was only ever carried out when you were doing your learner’s and driver’s license tests and you only really check your car tyres when it becomes apparent that they’re getting really worn. These practices need to change if we’re to reduce road fatalities and accidents, which have numbers that are just way to high.

Yes, life does tend to get a bit hectic at times and you perhaps don’t feel as if you have enough time to do your pre-trip inspection, every single morning before you drive your kids to school, but ponder this for a second: yours and your family’s safety should indeed come first and it’s better to have a family that is late or one which has to go through the inconvenience of waking up just a little earlier each day than to lose that family altogether due to something that could’ve been avoided — something like the roadworthiness and safety of your vehicle.

Yes, cars are indeed getting smarter and smarter these days — I mean even the smallest of cars today has some nifty tech which comes standard with it, alerting you via an intuitive onboard computer as to which areas need to be paid special attention to, like your tyre pressure perhaps, a detected oil-leak maybe or perhaps even a shortage of water in the radiator.

So what has been a mandatory pre-trip inspection is perhaps not as critical as it once was, but if there’s anything you need to pay special attention to with regards to what is indeed a mandatory part of your pre-trip inspection, it’s your tyres. The changing weather conditions which come with the changing seasons especially make for a strong case to pay better attention to your road safety, specifically through thorough checking of your tyres. Safety comes first and in this instance this road safety hinges quite heavily on the condition of your tyres and how well-suited that condition is to the changing weather conditions.

Since a trip down to your nearest tyre service centre is likely not always a readily available option each time you want to change your tyres to better suit the seasonal weather conditions, you can visit Point S to book tyres online and even have your new set of tyres delivered to your nearest depot.