Until recently, I would have considered myself an Asda girl through and through. I guess that’s the influence of shopping there with my mum since I was a child. I associate bright green writing with great savings and low prices, and happy people who smack their own bums to show how happy they are with their Big Shops.

But in the last couple of months I’ve found myself defecting to the brilliant yellows of Morrions, and I’ll explain why…

Morrisons has recently reinvented itself as the go-to supermarket for great deals and permanently low prices, and are putting a lot of effort into making sure their customers know it.


Down every aisle I’m met with bright yellow signs indicating all items that have had their prices reduced – and that’s a permanent reduction, not just for a short term offer.

I have to admit, I found my general shop cheaper at Morrisons than at Asda, and so a permanent change is deffo on the cards!

The Market Street


This is my favourite part of Morrisons. I love the fresh fruit and veg, and the salad bar, but the fresh fish is to die for – and so cheap here!


Whenever I take the boys with me we play a game of finding the most deformed carrot and taking it home to be eaten by us because nobody else will want it. Cute, right?


My Shepherd’s Pie

My mum taught me how to make a decent Shepherd’s Pie before I started university (her secret ingredient was Worcester sauce!) but nowadays, with the kids, husbands and work, I cheat like hell and use a packet sauce!


So on my list was a bag of spuds, carrots, peas, onions, mince beef, packet sauce, butter, milk and cheese, which came to about £11 for all the ingredients bought at the lowest prices, meaning that, with a generous helping each for a family of 4, that’s only £2.75 per serving. Not bad, considering the ingredients left over (milk, peas, butter, cheese) are all items that can be used in other meals for the week as well.


Shepherd’s Pie is so damn easy to make I actually convinced Jack to do it that night! The perfect way to end a bank holiday: putting your feet up with a good book and a cuppa while your husband makes the tea. Lucky me!