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Great Children’s Authors and Books

It can be a difficult task sometimes getting your kids to read, and I recognise this as both a parent and an English teacher. With the huge range of technology available to children nowadays, including computers games, Facebook, mobile phones, Sky TV etcetera, it can be a real challenge trying to motivate young people to […]


Protecting Your Children on Facebook

My boys, at 3 and 6, are a little young for Facebook yet, but, as long as its reign as the most popular social networking site continues, it’ll only be a mere few years before Christopher starts to nag me for it. And that’s if he even bothers to ask me, and doesn’t just set […]


Recommended Young Adult Fiction

With all the distractions of the modern world, it’s no wonder teenagers generally aren’t as thrilled with reading as they might be. Facebook, Twitter, Xbox, texting etcetera are so easy to access and require such little in the way of thought processing, it’s little wonder kids choose to spend their leisure time “liking” this and […]