It is a well-known fact that there has always been certain competition between online and traditional casino. Hence, the question that has to be answered is the following: can real gambling houses be on the sidelines of a virtual gambling activity?

Offline vs Online

On the basis of numbers, one can clearly state that the number of online casino websites is considerably growing with every single year. The same thing can be said about their annual revenue, which according to preliminary calculations is about 10 billion dollars.

As for the offline casinos, their annual income is 600 billion dollars only in the US. That’s why this figure is unlikely to change.

As we can see these financial figures can’t be compared. Usually, players don’t change their preferences to gamble in traditional casinos. And virtual sites are visited by those, who don’t have time or money to visit the first ones. That’s why it is not right to compare virtual casino with an offline gambling house.

Recent survey among gamblers

In order to find out more information whether there is really some competition between two types of a casino, a survey was taken:

  • 5% – of gamblers feel comfortable playing free slots games uk, sitting at home in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Also, there is no need to spend money and time to get to a casino;
  • 3%  – are satisfied with anonymity of virtual casinos;
  • 1%-2% – claim that it is way more interesting and thrilling to play in online casino websites, as they offer a wider range of games and slots;
  • Though 20% – are sure that offline casinos should be trusted more;
  • And 42% – just like gambling in a “real” atmosphere with real dealers, competitors, etc;

Speaking of the bets, they are lower on the internet. It means that if you deposit $100 there will be 2%, compared to 24% in offline places.


 Competitiveness of a virtual gambling business

As it turns out, numbers are in favour of traditions. If in 1999 the situation with virtual and real casinos had a negative connotation, then now everything is totally on the contrary. Once the president of River City Group said: “Online casinos can’t compete with a real gambling business in the US or any other country. On the contrary, they help to receive big income, advertising gambling activity.”

Does it mean that real gambling houses benefit from virtual ones? Practically speaking, the number of players on the internet increases, which, consequently, brings additional revenue to the industry. But hereby even virtual players prefer well-known places. As a result, offline casinos start becoming familiar with the internet. For instance, such popular companies as William Hill, Little Woods and Ritz, Stanley Group, and others have already done that.

To conclude, there is no special competition between these two kinds of casinos. Conversely, one can even see their mutual assistance to each other.