With the widespread use of cannabis not seeming to peak despite a popular trend that has lasted for decades, there still seem to be a lot of myths that are just not true in regards to the consumption of marijuana. And while this article is in no way an advocacy of recreational or medical usage and consumption of marijuana, these myths are already very much dated and have done much to contribute to the demonization of cannabis. Setting the record straight and telling people the truth about marijuana and its effects will go a long way to helping people, especially those of the older generations, make write decisions and judgments about it.

Smoking Marijuana Is Worse Than Cigarette Smoking

Most people argue that since smoking a joint involves the inhalation of marijuana smoke sans filters equals a worse effect on our lungs and their pulmonary functions. While the concept is correct, they fail to realize the discrepancy when it comes to the volume of marijuana consumed. A study on the effects of marijuana smoke on lungs during 2012 has this to say: “Occasional and low cumulative marijuana use was not associated with adverse effects on pulmonary function.” Cigarette smokers, on average, consume more quantities of tobacco than your usual marijuana smoker, which leads to a higher negative effect on the lungs.

Cannabis Makes You Dumb

This myth is a favourite of parents, in particular those with teenaged children. Cannabis consumption has not been proven to cause any core changes, much less any negative effects, on a person’s intelligence or mental acuity. In fact, it might even be protecting what brain cells you have in addition to creating new ones. While overdosing on drugs is always a possibility, this is an occurrence that is present across all drugs. Comparatively speaking, chances of this happening from marijuana usage are extremely rare. People aware of this fact do not shy away from using marijuana or cannabis products from sites similar to https://buymellow.com/fr/shop/oils-and-tinctures/mellow-oil-cbd-isolate-30ml-with-1000mg-cbd/, regardless of what society says.

Cannabis Is Addictive

Of the many users of marijuana, only a noted minority can even be classified as heavy users. And in this already small group of people, yet another minority can be labelled as marijuana addicts. This sample group has exhibited symptoms of dependence and need assistance from drug rehabilitation centres to break them of the habit of using cannabis. It has to be taken note of that those who do enter themselves into rehab need assistance in breaking the habit of using the drug and report no withdrawal symptoms from the drug itself.

Cannabis Is A Gateway Drug

The war on drugs has been built upon a few central pillars of perceived truth about marijuana. Unsurprisingly, it’s also untrue that cannabis is a gateway to using heavier substances like cocaine, heroin, LSD, etc. In fact, cannabis is oftentimes used as a terminus drug, a drug utilized for the purpose of weaning away an individual from the use and dependence on a harder form of drugs. Many anti-cannabis groups like to point out that a majority of drug addicts hooked on hard drugs were cannabis users in the past. What they fail to notice, however, is the statistical discrepancy of their claim. A comparison of cannabis users against hard-drug users come up with a very small number belonging to both sides and suggest a weak – if not non-existent link – between the two.