Shopping for your kids can be fun when they’re still really small, but once it comes a time you need them with you for shopping, things can get a bit tiresome. After all, children don’t usually enjoy shopping and as they start their growth spree, frequent shopping becomes essential. This is especially true when it comes to shoes. Of course, you would never allow your child to wear uncomfortable shoes, let alone ones in wrong size. Footwear is not like the rest of the clothes since poor choice can actually hurt your child’s feet. In that respect, keep in mind the following tips when shoe shopping is concerned – not only will they help you keep your child’s feet comfy and healthy, but they’ll also help you stay positive and sane.

Is there a right time to buy new shoes?

The truth is that your kids will need to replace their shoes quite often, since they will outgrow their footwear relatively quickly. Because of that, there’s no really a specific time frame you need to stick to because growth speed is an individual thing. What you should do in order to determine whether the time has come to buy new pair of shoes is to check the distress level of the footwear your kids are wearing. This is very important since sometimes the kids won’t complain about their footwear being uncomfortable on their own. If the heels, soles and toes are wearing unevenly, this means that the shoes are not the right fit anymore. Also, pay attention to the seams at the sides. If these are noticeably more distressed, it’s a sign that the shoes have become too narrow for your child’s feet.

How to deal with shoe shopping

No one can tell you what exactly to do when it comes a time to go shoe shopping with your child. After all, you know your kid the best. However, if you’re aware of the fact that your kid expresses strong dissatisfaction when shopping, it would be best to choose specialized children footwear stores where the staff knows how to handle restless children and make the experience enjoyable for them. Moreover, a good tip for shoe shopping is to take your child to pick out shoes in the afternoon or early evening. Feet generally tend to swell up a bit after the whole day of walking, which is something you need to take into consideration in order to find the perfect, comfortable fit.

What to do about the right fit?

The first thing you should do before going shopping for new shoes is to measure your child’s feet as they stand up. It’s essential that the feet are completely extended. You will probably notice then that one foot is a tad bigger than the other. This is completely normal and you should always rely on the bigger foot for size reference. Also, breaking in a shoe is not good for adults and it’s especially bad for kids since this can cause serious foot problems. Always go for a comfortable fit and make sure that there’s still a tiny bit of space between your child’s toes and the edge of the shoe toe. On the other hand, you don’t want the shoes to be too big or loose, because this can be as bad and unhealthy as shoes that are too small. It may be tempting to get shoes that are a size bigger if your child grows fast, but that can lead to all sorts of issues and dangers. Just remember how you as an adult felt when trying out and walking in shoes that are big on you.

Can you save money on shoes?

A problem that’s hard to ignore when it comes to the frequent need to change your child’s shoes has everything to do with your budget. After all, shopping for shoes often is not very cost-effective. However, it is necessary. So, is there a way to save some money on these purchases? Your best bet is to check thrift stores in your vicinity and online. You may be surprised, but second hand, affordable kids shoes can be of great quality precisely because growing kids don’t spend a lot of time wearing them. If you measure your child’s feet properly, you won’t have any trouble finding the right size either. Also, you can always ask for more details about the footwear measurements when browsing the selection online.

In general, always opt for footwear that’s durable and sturdy yet made of comfy and breathable material. This can be canvas or leather. Also, avoid backless shoes as well as slip-on ones, since these are not good and secure enough for kids.