Most people do not associate caviar with any types of dishes, as we usually eat this delicacy alone without any other ingredients, only because it is a delicacy itself.

Caviar Basic Facts

Caviar is one of the most expensive and luxurious types of food in the world.
In case you are not aware, caviar is salted and matured eggs or roe of female sturgeon. Iran and Russia are the biggest producers of caviar in the world. We can identify Beluga, Oscietra and Sevruga kinds of caviar – all of them are manufactured of various kinds of sturgeon.

Confusion Caused By Natural Reasons


Being a luxury kind of food, people buy caviar rarely, and when they do it for the first time, they can be puzzled what to do with it and how to serve it in the right way.

The post will help you to serve caviar in the most proper way and surprise even real gourmets.

Classical Caviar Plate

The classical way to server caviar is a caviar plate. A jar of caviar is served with other products. This dish can go perfectly well at New Year, Christmas or a wedding reception.

To cook caviar plate you just need three hard-boiled eggs, one lemon, one small red onion, a quarter of a cup of fresh chives, a quarter of a cup of sour cream and tiny toasts. You chop everything and arrange beautifully on a big dish.

Ritzy Sandwiches

Guests can enjoy creating small canapés using all the ingredients from the plate including caviar. If you are puzzled where to buy so much caviar for the plate, you can go to BuyCaviar. You just chop all the products and arrange them on big dishes and let people make their choice.

Unforgettable Caviar Salad

Another dish is rather popular is Caviar egg salad.

To cook it, you had better find 12 hard-boiled eggs, three quarters of a cup of excellent mayo, two tablespoons of mustard, salt and four ounces of caviar.
Then you grate all the eggs and stir them with mayo and mustard and as well as with salt. Put it in the fridge and, before serving, add caviar, gently not to break fish eggs.

If you have cooked too much caviar egg salad you can take thin white bread toasts and put the salad on top of them. In such a way, you are likely to have a nice starter, which is simple and exotics at the same time.

Here we have a portion of simple, but always welcomed dishes with caviar.
The only matter is to buy proper caviar. When you buy caviar, prefer tins or jars from famous producers. It cannot be cheap, even on sales. After bringing it home, keep caviar in the fridge, and if you have opened it, it will last maximum a month.