Being a mum, a wife, a hard-worker: how is it possible to find a balance between ‘family-time’, ‘work-time’ and ‘me-time’?

Taking care of the family and the house is not simple, being a busy family lady comes with its own set of stressors which is why is important to take some ‘me time’ in order not to feel overwhelmed and relax from time to time.


Overcome the Mommy Day-Off Obstacles

It is not uncommon for women to avoid taking some time off of their families because of the sense of guilt that comes with it – “I shouldn’t be doing this, I should be with my kids instead”.

There is this idea that the whole machinery of the house would screech to a halt if you’re not there watching over everyone and everything. This sense of worry combined with the guilt factor prevents many women to enjoy a simple afternoon with friends or a trip to the shops.

You’re not selfish, you just need some time for yourself in order to recharge your batteries. Moreover, it’s good for your kids to be with other people other than their parents sometimes, so don’t be afraid of dropping them off to a friend’s house to play with other kids for an afternoon or leave them with their grandparents for the weekend while you enjoy some time alone with your husband. It will also be good for the couple and, in turns, it will make you feel better, more confident and more fulfilled as a woman.

Essentially, taking a break from parenting and dedicating some time to yourself is crucial. Whether you opt to spend this time at a sikeston flea market for a relaxed shopping experience or enroll in a dance class to unwind and have fun, the key is to prioritize self-care. This break allows you to recharge and maintain a healthy balance in your life.

How to take time for yourself

Go out with your friends. Take time to call them and organise a lunch together, to chat and have some fun away from your family duties. Or maybe just call them for a night- at your place, find out what’s on sky arts for the night, and have a good time!

Retail therapy is always good. Go shopping, alone or with a girlfriend. Buy some new clothes, something that makes you feel good and look good in your body. It will help your mind tremendously.

Do something nice for yourself. Join a workout class in order to sweat the stress out, or simply enjoy a nice walk in the park, even alone, in order to reconnect with your thoughts.

You might feel you can’t or don’t want to take a whole day off, so start with small steps instead, a couple of hours, maybe a night off.

You might find an hour or two while your kids are at the swimming pool, in a karate class or at a friend’s birthday party. Ok, it’s time to get a manicure, go to the hairdresser’s or simply watch some drama while relaxing in the comfort of your own bedroom (taking a good nap is also a wise choice!).

A useful tip would be to rearrange your bedroom, maybe buy a couple of new accessories, fluffy cushions, and scented candles to create a relaxing, kind of spa-like atmosphere, in order to transform the space in your little oasis of quiet. Don’t feel ashamed of wanting to ban your kids from your bedroom. It should be your tranquil, intimate corner, the place to go when you want to switch off your mommy mode temporarily and uplift your mood.


‘Me time’ is not a luxury, it’s a therapeutic imperative for every women. Taking time for yourself is important to feel better and to help your family to benefit from your renewed enthusiasm towards life. You know you deserve that. Taking a break from parenting is actually makes you a better parent!