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If you are stuck in a christening gift quandary, then look no further! So many families cannot wait to have their babies christened, giving them the perfect opportunity to show off their little bundle of joy to their nearest and dearest. As an attendee of a christening, you are obviously overjoyed to share their special day with them, as well as giving you the perfect opportunity to meet their precious new arrival. So, you have yours and the families outfits sorted but what the buy the bouncing baby? With a plethora of things on the high street and online to buy, it is sometimes difficult to buy a unique gift that stands out from the crowd, and giving a cash present seems a little impersonal.

Christening Silver:

If you are something of a traditionalist when it comes to buying christening gifts, then a good quality christening silver piece is something to aim for. Traditional gifts such as silver money boxed are a fantastic way to  give a gift from the heart, as well enabling the family to save some money for the baby in the process. Aside from money boxes, silver bangles also tread the path of the traditional christening gift route. This is usually given by family members, so do be wary of treading on people’s metaphorical toes if you choose to give this gift and you are close friend as opposed to family. Should you want something more traditional, with a religious meaning, a christening bible adorned in silver is fantastic gift to give to the family of the little one. After all, a christening is not complete without the bible.

Personalised Art:

Personalised art, prints and canvases are a great way to commemorate the little persons special day. You can opt for a number of different portrayals, such as jungle animals (if you prefer something more gender neutral) ballerinas, dancers, sports themes, the list is seemingly endless. Personalising the art work with the child’s name, as well as the date of the christening is a great, and personal, way of showing your love and affection in a truly unique way.



As any mum will tell you, babies seem to grow out of clothes quicker than the parent can seem to buy them! Giving a gift of clothing will help the parents out, as well as being able to see the little one paraded round in a funky outfit that you have lovingly chose out for them. With such a wide range of gorgeous, fashionable outfits, you can make sure that the baby stays ahead of the fashion game, as well as giving a small token of your love to the family to ensure that the baby has everything that they need.

Coins and Silver:

Giving a gift of money can seem rather impersonal, but there a wide range of personalised christening coins available on the highstreet and online. These can be personalised with the babies name and they make a great keepsake for after the big event. Personalised coins make for a truly unique gift with a difference.