Let’s be frank about it – the ultimate aim of any blogger is to be able to do what they love and then also write about it. Life doesn’t stop happening the moment you decide to get serious about blogging though, so somewhere in between all the blogging you have to find a way to generate an income and perhaps even write about some of the stuff you’re not so passionate about. Blogging about things you have no passion for should only go so far though, i.e. you don’t want to write about topics you don’t have an interest in, but you can put up with writing about experiences you go through, especially in the case of those experiences playing out while you’re trying to pursue your passions.

Nobody is passionate about losing money, for example, but it’s definitely something you can blog about if you’re passionate about exploring ways through which to make money and travel, for instance. This leads me to the meat of this post – making your time online always count, even if you’re feeling uninspired and you find yourself going through the motions or wasting time with some frivolous online timewasters.

Blogging can be very rewarding if you truly write about relevant topics which you’re either really passionate about or if you write about your own personal experiences and how you feel about them. It can take a while to build up the kind of momentum which has your blog sustaining you financially though and that is one of the biggest reasons why bloggers can find themselves feeling uninspired.

Finding Inspiration

Blogging should always, but always be fun. The moment it starts to feel like you’re just going through the motions, you either need to take a break and re-discover your passion for what you’re blogging about, or you should blog about what you’d love to do. If you’re going to waste a bit of time doing other things online, you might as well waste time on blogging timewasters which in some or other way could have some big, positive implications for the future of your blog. Instead of logging in and out of every website to which you have membership for instance, alternatively taking a chance on something like the Multilotto could do wonders in re-igniting your passion or motivating you to keep going, in more ways than one.

Think of what you’d do if you did indeed win a jackpot in excess of 200 million Euro, more so if the winning action was completed while you were supposedly wasting some time online! If the thought of winning insane amounts of money – the kind of money which would mean you never have to work another day in your life again – doesn’t inspire you to keep blogging, then you’re simply blogging about the wrong topic. If I was to use my own blog as an example and the types of things I write about, winning some good “early retirement money” would only fuel so many more blog posts because I’d be out doing everything I’m passionate about and then coming right back to write about it. Whether it’s travelling (loads) more, attending more of my kids’ events, or shopping, there’d just be so much more to keep blogging about!