It’s been a truly Manic March! My family gets super excited when March comes knocking. Why? We always have a double birthday celebration for the ‘twins’! Well, they are NOT really twins, but they certainly act like they are. Harry, my son, and James, my nephew, are inseparable! When you see Harry, James will be nearby, or vice versa! Don’t attempt to separate these two or else you get tantrums galore!  They are both three years old and they share the same birthday.

Having two celebrations in one month is challenging financially. So, my sister and I decided to always have a birthday combo celebration. It’s really a win-win situation. Our kids love the idea and we save money on party items.


So, the ‘twins’’ party is this weekend. Unfortunately, I have another problem. Gifts! What to give the kids can sometimes be challenging, expensive and time-consuming. I go from store to store, look for a nice gift, look at the price tag then return it straight to the shelf because the price is way over my budget.


Luckily, my friend suggested online toy shopping. It is easier and faster to scan for the perfect gift this way.  She recommended the House of Fraser website because of the great prices and quality of their products. I checked them out and got all excited because they have a lot of nice items to choose from and their prices are actually really affordable. My friend left the best news for last … House of Fraser is on sale!  Heaven on earth for kids and parents!


So, what did I get the ‘twins’?

Monsters University film is definitely the flavor of the month with Harry. He’s watched it so many times he can say the dialogue line by line before it’s said on screen. My favorite line is, “Drool is a tool, kids. Use it!” Great tip! Ha! Ha! Anyway, I saw a Sulley stuffed toy on the House of Fraser website and I knew Harry would love it. The toy is about 50 cm and really looks like Sulley in the movie. And, the best part it only cost10 pounds! Quality item! Fantastic price!

Meanwhile, I got James a farm tractor with a trailer. He loves farm animals and plans to own a farm someday….we shall see. According to James his farm will be full of giraffes, elephants, lions and monkeys!  Kids, right? Well, why not inspire him with a farm tractor.  I am sure the tractor will go through some tough play time, but with its sturdy design I know it will last for years. Price? Only 7.50 pounds! Love it!


More good news! Because of the sale, I also ordered a Mega Blok 100 block set. The kids all love to build things! Houses, bridges, skyscrapers and their favorite – a firehouse!  They will have a great time with this gift. It’s colorful and the block materials are durable and safe for kids! Cost? Only 12.50 pounds!

We are set for the party!  Everything is ready – food, games, cake, drinks and wonderful gifts! I am ready to make two boys have a great time! And to have a big slice of the cake too!!!